Compression Shorts

The Shorts Collection

We proudly present to you our men’s compression shorts. You can now get the benefits of the best compression shorts for men!

Men's Tights Shorts

Just like our regular men’s running pants, the padded mens cycling shorts feature a soft molded crotch cup (aka. modesty pad) concealing your pocket rocket so you no longer need to wear anything over them.

Mens Cycling Shorts With Pockets

The collection offers several benefits: an open pocket for your phone, a zipper pocket for your valuables and a shirt/towel loop on the back to hang your gym towel or shirt when you go for a run.

Perfect for Outdoors

Just like their longer version, our shorter athletic apparel can be used in multiple scenarios. Given their length, they’re especially ideal for warmer weather and outdoor activities.

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Modesty Pad
Phone Pocket
T-Shirt Loop
Zipper Pocket
Inner Drawstring


Compression shorts are a type of athletic clothing designed to provide support and compression to the muscles and joints. They can be helpful in preventing injuries and promoting recovery. Compression shorts are often made from a stretchy material such as spandex or polyester, and usually have a close fit.

There are many potential health benefits of compression shorts, including reduced muscle fatigue, improved blood circulation through the body and to the muscles, and flexibility. Compression shorts can also be worn during any activity, even during everyday activities like walking or standing.

Compression shorts are typically made from a blend of polyester; this provides a snug, stretchy fit, making it ideal for athletes who need flexibility and range of motion.

Yes! Compression shorts stabilize your muscles when you're moving and increase blood flow and muscle oxygenation; this can reduce muscle fatigue and speed up the muscle repair process.

Compression shorts can be worn whenever and wherever; there is no limit to when they should be worn. Not only are they ideal for different physical activities, but they are also perfect for casual outings like festivals and lunch with friends.