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Arrow Compression Shorts

You’ve tried our meggings, now try the rest! Matador is proud to introduce you to our collection of compression shorts for men, powered by the same love and dedication that brings you our men’s leggings. 

Best Men's Compression Shorts

Our Arrow compression shorts for men have a fun, whimsical repeating pattern to bring some joie de vivre to your life. Why hide in the crowd when you can stand out like you were born to? Comfortable to wear, durable, moisture-wicking and odor-resistant, your new Matador Arrow men’s running tights and shorts are just what you’ve been looking for, guaranteed!

Product Features

Don’t worry, all of your favorite Matador features are still here! Zippered pockets for your phone? Check. Pockets for your stuff? Check. No-VPL technology? One Big Check! Constrain the bulge, adjust the fit through our hidden drawstring, keep them where you want them with our no-roll waistband, and get on with your life. Life’s too short to fight with uncomfortable clothes. 

Benefits of Compression Shorts

Why are the best compression shorts for men such a hot thing in sports? Compression gear is like a nice, warm hug for your muscles. They help lend a little support, encourage healthy blood flow, and make warming up and cooling down easier on the body. Because they move with you, rather than over the skin, they also help reduce chafing- and make your booty pop, of course!

How & When to Wear

Wherever you want to wear your new men’s compression tights, we won’t stop you! However, the shorter end of our range is ideal for use in hot weather. Hop on a surf board, party on the beach, or run around the track- they’ll be with you all the way. Use them on your bike in summer, or just use them you please, secure in the knowledge your calves look great all the way.

What Are Customers Saying About Matador?

Let’s hear some commentary straight from the Bulls’ mouth!
"One of the best meggings I've bought. They fit like a glove and provide support in all the right places (the built-in cup is ingenious). So many styles and colors to choose from, and I'm planning on buying another pair. Keep up the fine work - Matador Meggings!"
Tolu O.
"My husband Richard and I LOVE them, the quality is above and beyond. We feel blessed to have quality workout clothes that are tailored to our active lifestyle. When you look good you feel good, wearing them often inspired me to train so hard I look better than ever." Sidow S.

Product Fun Facts

Did you know that arrows have been used as a weapon for hunting an defense everywhere in the world? That’s thought to be why many modern warning signs use the arrow shape, as its one we instinctively recognize as a warning. Even if you’re more into sports than anthropology, that’s pretty cool, right?

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Introduction to Matador

Welcome to the Matador difference! With our special focus on men's anatomy and sporting needs, we're proud to bring you a fun and practical range of athlesiure wear made with you in mind. Whether it's helping you go harder in the gym, or simply keeping you cool and comfortable about town, once you try meggings you won't go back. We guarantee it.