Bike Gear

The Bike Gear Collection

These amazing products are designed to cater everyone from professional cyclists to casual bikers. Ideal for a long bike ride or a spinning class, our matador bike gear will satisfy the needs of the most demanding cyclepaths.

Cycling With the Best Compression Shorts for Men

Our biker meggings and biker shorts are not our regular men’s running tights or men’s gym tights. They are designed keeping men's anatomy in mind, aiming to offer an incredibly comfortable experience. The padded mens cycling shorts offer a built-in soft and fluffy padding that will keep your bum comfy (during and after your session), while our modesty pad will conceal your goodies using our patented NO-VPL (No Visible Penis Line) technology.

Breathable and Comfortable

Made with performance fabric, our cycling gear features featherweight, sweat-wicking, odor-free, 4-way stretch, polyester & lycra blend so you can unlock a new level of performance & endurance.

Men's Cycling Shorts With Pockets

We’ve added a ton of different functionalities to make your training so much easier: the Matadors include an open pocket for your phone, a zipper pocket for your valuables, an inner drawstring for extra security, and a t-shirt/towel loop to make our meggings even more functional. Whether you want to make a bold statement at the gym, or you’re trying to steal the spotlight at the Tour de France, the Matador bike gear is the best option for you. Get yours now!


In the Bike Collection, there are several different megging options available, like the Arrow Biker Meggings and Black Biker Meggings.

Whether you want to wear them as a statement piece or while you bike, meggings in the Bike Collection can suit any occasion.

Men's meggings are an underrated wardrobe essential. They're perfect for workouts, because they improve blood flow and oxygen and muscles, which reduces muscle soreness and fatigue. They can also increase flexibility, comfort, and confidence.

Not only can the meggings from the bike collection handle the strain and movement from biking, but they can handle the stretching and twisting that is associated with yoga.

They're made from a blend of polyester and lycra, which makes them incredibly stretchy. This means you can move and stretch however you like.