Prints Collection

The Prints Collection

Already tried the men's leggings solid colors and looking for contrast and exposure? That’s what this collection offers. You’ll find incredibly bold prints and wild colors. There’s no reason why you can’t wear these meggings to the gym or Sunday brunch.

Why Meggings Are the Best Men’s Tights

What makes Matador compression leggings so unique? Simple—we’ve built them for you. Our graphic compression tights are specifically designed for male anatomy so that you can hide your eggplant while flaunting your peach. Feeling brave and looking to make a statement? The crotch insert is totally removable so you can show off your pocket rocket in your next outing.

Leggings For Guys

Meggings can be anything you want them tohigh performance compression pants for running, men’s yoga tights, even men’s ballet tights. We think life is a celebration and there’s no reason why you can’t also wear these meggings outdoors, to a festival, or Sunday brunch.

Comfort, Comfort and Comfort

When you’re running, jumping, squatting, and lunging, you want—ahem—everything to stay in place. Our sweat wicking mens leggings with a molded crotch cup help keep the goods tucked away and concealed. Without adequate support in the crotch area you’re flying blind, so choose a brand that makes compression leggings specifically for men’s anatomy.

Mens Leggings With Pockets

Our graphic running men's compression pants feature an open pocket for your phone, a zipper pocket for your valuables, a shirt loop, an inner drawstring, and many more features that make them not only sexy but functional. Pair these meggings with a tank top or a t-shirt from our Top Collection that’s built from sweat-wicking performance fabric.


Within the Prints Collection, you'll find a variety of different designs, like the Disco Ball Leggings, the checkered pattern of the Lumberjack Leggings, and the geometric shapes of the Arrow Leggings.

These fun and colorful leggings can be paired with anything but go best with solid colors.

Men's leggings flatter the curves and angles of the body, and the compression aspect provides benefits like better circulation, more oxygen in the muscles, and increased flexibility.

The elastic material of men's legging options like the Marble Leggings and Psychedelic Leggings make them ideal for yoga.

The polyester and lycra blend of the men's leggings make them elastic and flexible.