No Restrictions Apply: Everything You Can (And Should) Do In Meggings

No Restrictions Apply: Everything You Can (And Should) Do In Meggings

Men’s leggings—correction: men in leggings—are taking the world by storm.

Turn heads at the club, show off the goods at the gym, or flaunt your awesome style at festivals. These form-fitting leggings give you some serious swagger. Here are 10 things you can (and totally should) do in our awesome meggings.

1: Own the gym.

man wearing white meggings using an ab wheel in the gym

Who says you can’t crush your workout in style? Meggings with Non-VPL™ Technology let you ditch the dorky shorts-over-leggings look while you nail that set of deadlifts. #fitnessmotivation

2: Run a marathon.

male running in a marathon wearing green camo meggings

Keep your goodies tucked away mile after glorious mile—and look awesome while doing it. With our moisture-wicking technology you’ll still be high and dry after you cross the finish line.

3: Rock a festival.

festival goer wearing white and blue meggings

Meggings are classic festival-wear—you need something comfortable while you’re shaking your money maker at Coachella, right? Be bold and beautiful at Burning Man. Rock the Casbah at Bonnaroo.

4: Meditate in the park.

Young Man Meditating Outdoors In The Park

Rid yourself of mental baggage and the extra baggage of shorts-over-leggings while you meditate. Om.

5: Be an urban yogi.

man performing yoga in the gymMeggings were practically made for the fluid motions of yoga. Channel your inner yogi and master Warrior II without excess fabric bunching up in all the wrong places.

6: Conquer the b-ball court.

young man hanging from a basketball ring

Own the basketball court like LeBron—and look damn sexy while doing it. Too hot on the court? Don’t miss a second of the game with our meggings with pockets and built-in t-shirt loop.

7: Go rock climbing.

rock climber hanging upside down wearing white black meggings

When you’re climbing up the face of the earth and reaching new heights, you don’t want your phone and wallet flying out of your meggings. You’ve got enough things to worry about—Remember not to look down!

8: Perfect your parkour moves.

Parkour man doing tricks on the street

You need pants that stay put when you’re climbing walls like Spider-Man. Pair some tricked-out meggings with a tank top and matching kicks, and you’re good to go.

9: Hike in style.

male standing on the cliff in yoga pose

If you don’t want to get mistaken for a member of that birding group you passed on the trail, ditch the cargo pants and hiking boots. Besides, does anyone really need 27 pockets? Stretchy meggings give you the freedom to scramble, climb, shimmy, and conquer that summit. And they have pockets for your essentials.

10: Look cool while snowboarding.

snowboarder standing with board

You work hard for that chiseled physique. Flaunt it on the slopes with stylish meggings.


So whether you’re becoming one with nature, getting ready to win best dressed at your next festival, or pumping iron in sleek style, Matador Meggings is your new secret weapon—that will keep your secret weapon safe. Get ready to celebrate all occasions and embark on any adventure with full confidence—no cell phone losses, no ill-filling, unflattering fabrics, and—most importantly—no slips of your shaft.

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