Matador Meggings Sustainability Statement

At Matador Meggings, we believe we are part of a global consciousness. We take our responsibility to the planet and humanity very seriously. As a young brand, we made early decisions to align with the most environmentally friendly and worker-positive material suppliers, production facilities and fulfillment partners. We are committed to always improving our processes and creating positive impact in the world.

There is no secret that much of the negative impact in making fashion comes in the creation of the material long before anything is cut or sewn. For this reason, Matador chooses to work with a fabric supplier who has invested over $1M dollars in a state-of-the-art water recycling plant on-site treating 100% of the water used in our products. Along with making functional, antibacterial, moisture-wicking and stain-resistant textiles for our meggings, our partners work to minimize and capture all carbon emissions and they have significantly reduced water consumption at all levels.

Our production facilities are hyper-focused on the safety of our workers. By using an on-site laboratory, we ensure that no harmful chemicals are used in the making of Matador Meggings. We monitor all chemical usage to meet and exceed international control standards. Going beyond safety, we choose partners that focus on the good treatment of the workers and provide health care, housing incentives and even on-site kindergarten building strong communities and happy families.

Laboratories Monitoring and Control chart