"I can’t express enough how much I LOVE these ! First off, everything in the description these say they do THEY DO! The material is super durable and absolutely opaque. They feel almost like a second skin, but at the same time not exposing at all. Great quality! I keep rubbing my hands all over them! The crotch pad is very impressive as well. It perfectly conceals the outline of your private area and makes it into a seamless bulge! The not one but TWO pockets are also incredible! I now have a spot for my keys when running! I’m overall very impressed and have already ordered a second pair! Trust me you won’t be sorry !"
Carl F.

"I do a lot of yoga and hit classes, boxing too. I love my Matador Meggings - best fit and style. I appreciate the fact that they are designed with a man in mind. Can't wait for new styles! -- Keep up the great work!"
David D.

"I absolutely LOVE my Matador Meggings products!! Not only are they super comfy, they do not chafe, they wick away the sweat, they dry quickly when I finish my training and they have just enough compression in the quad area to keep my knees from hurting. I recommend them to all my running buddies...need to purchase another pair and then invest in full Meggings for next winter!"
Donald B.

"One of the best meggings I've bought. They fit like a glove and provide support in all the right places (the built-in cup is ingenious). So many styles and colors to choose from, and I'm planning on buying another pair. Keep up the fine work - Matador Meggings!"
Tolu O.

"Best set of meggings I've owned. I like that they have been designed as a primary garment and not an under garment to be hidden under shorts that just snag and get in the way. The solid navy rocks for those of us who just want to get in and out of the gym without being noticed all the time."
Danny C.
"I absolutely love these meggings, the cup is brilliant and now I don't feel awkward with a pair of tights on in the gym. The extra pockets are such a big bonus and add a nice tech look to them. Material is great its like sweat wicking but cool on my skin. The draw strings are a must for me and I'm so glad the Meggings have them. BTW I wash them regularly with a gentle spin and don't have a single problem with cup or logo. Still looks brand new... All in all 5 star excellent product. Thank you for improving my leg days at the gym!"
Arash V.

"My husband Richard and I LOVE them, the quality is above and beyond. We feel blessed to have quality workout clothes that are tailored to our active lifestyle. When you look good you feel good, wearing them often inspired me to train so hard I look better than ever."
Sidow S.
"I’ve got a decent collection of meggings from several designers, and Matador is my favorite. The fit is spot on, style is great and product is well thought out. Particularly great for intensive yoga practices, such as athletic Vinyasa flows. Highly recommend them."
Silas C.
"Flattering fit. The soft cup crotch is perfect and provides enough coverage to hide VPL. These are leggings you can wear with confidence. Perfect for running; the fit is high waisted enough and do not creep down. The right side pocket is a great feature! Black & grey will be my next purchase."
Carl W.
Excellent running tights: the material feels like silk, but breathes well and doesn't slip or bunch. The waistband sizing is consistent with other European brands I usually wear (UYN, Superdry), but the legs fit without compression. That pouch is pure genius. After experiencing the comfort of these tights, it's impossible to go back to others which squeeze your junk. The pockets work really well. The zipped one is big enough for my 6.5" smartphone and holds it in place better than any rear pocket ever did. Every detail of the tights has clearly be carefully considered. If they just had some reflective details, they would tick every box. And a matching "my eyes are up here" t-shirt ;) Customer service is also weirdly good - personable, reliable, efficient, thorough. A lost parcel was unhesitatingly replaced via express post. If you're ordering from Europe, I eagerly recommend paying the surcharge for premium shipping with DHL. It arrived in 4 days.
Graham B.
These were the second pair of meggings I bought from this company. They are very comfy and a little thicker material then some. So they could be worn other places besides not just running because of thicker material. The quality is great. So when wearing even if it is a little cooler will help keep you warm. At first I thought the first thing I would do would be to remove the soft crotch cup but since actually have worn have left it in. I do wear a longer T-shirt anyway. I use mostly for running, and the pockets make these as well as my other pair my go to running attire.
Charles T.
"I got these and was a little unsure/insecure because I'm straight. But these fit and feel awesome, and my girl loves my ass in them so win win! lol My advice to other guys is, just be confident and wear em, none of this "under shorts" crap. I wear them for running and they're really comfortable - and great for the cold weather!"
Mark M.
Absolutely in love with my Sky meggings. They are sleek, sexy and incredibly confidence building. The pockets are a great plus and use them all the time. So comfortable and not restrictive on movements in any direction. Very supportive and definitely do not need to wear anything with them for support. The sales team was fantastically supportive in helping with select the correct size. Wear them to the gym and out and about in town and to the store. Got some great compliments and looks. Thanks so much for designing meggings that assists in strengthening myself confidence.
Walter S.
"I wear them for yoga. Other brands of leggings roll quite a bit but these are better. I like not having to wear shorts over them when I do an in-person class, but since all classes have moved on-line, It really doesn't matter. They keep me from squishing my junk when I 'm doing cobra."
Keith L.
100% recommend! "No other men's leggings like them. The price reflects the amazing quality and care gone into making them. Shipping was extremely fast. I would 100% recommend. Can't wait to get more"
Jesse C.
Love them! I'm an older guy (52 today!), and I wear leggings when I workout. I love these for a variety of reasons. One, the drawstring is great as I find I don't have to constantly tug these ones up. Very big positive for me as I've owned other leggings with drawstrings and they aren't even close. Because I workout at lunch during work, I'm supposed to have my keys and phone on me for a quick call. The pockets take care of both those issues for me. I love the towel loop as I am a sweaty dude and need to keep a towel handy. And of course, the fit. Comfiest leggings out there. I would even wear these for recovery days or when I have to fly. Thank you for such a great product. I will be ordering more.
Ben B.
"I really love these. I love the discreet padding they have integrated and I personally like wearing these without shorts because I think they look sexy, but not too revealing."
James P.
My go to gear! My new ‘go to’ running gear, highly recommend if you don’t read any further. I ordered my meggings for running, specifically for an upcoming half marathon. I’ve owned other leggings but rarely wore them because of the ‘VPL’ issues. These were, in a word, perfect!!! Not only do they eliminate the ‘VPL’ issue but they fit great. The well thought out and designed pockets and loop in the back are genius. Easily and very comfortably stored my nutrition packs, phone (12 max/big), money, and mask. I was able to successfully set a new half marathon PR in comfort with no chafing issues, that states it all. I’ll add one more thing. The response time via email from the company is less than 24 hours. I reached out initially because I forgot to add in a discount code. They responded and got it added almost immediately. Then my friend ordered a pair after hearing about mine. Again, sent them the referral information and boom, done! Buy these now!!
Ashley S.
"Super soft. I love the pockets. They held up great on a run too. I love the cup design to add or remove it."
Robert L.
These meggings are a fantastic!!! I ordered some for my husband and they fit perfectly. The material is very breathable and compresses in the right spots. Perfect for leg workouts or just to wear around the house. Highly recommend these products!
Daniel C.