Though "athleisure" is a newer concept born in the last decade, Matadors are the very first example of bringing sophistication and elegance to performance wear. 

Matador Meggings has redefined men’s leggings. With a hyper-engineered fit developed by world class designers, we tailored them to fit you like a glove at every muscle and hem. We perfected our style with thoughtfully designed details that cover all the elements required for fitness and fun.

Our signature molded crotch makes VPL* a distant memory while providing support in every action. Run, vogue, hit the mat, box, even swim, we’ve tried it all, your stuff will not fall out. (*Visible Penis Line)

At Matador Meggings, we believe we are part of a global consciousness. We take our responsibility to the planet and humanity very seriously. Please see our Sustainability Statement here.

Matador is made for the center stage. We developed delightfully fun patterns and easy to wear colorful combinations to fit the mood of your moment. From festivals to marathons, we keep your look bold, fresh and fearless. 

At Matador Meggings, we have you in courage.

At Matador Meggings, we have you in courage.

“Drunk people, children, and leggings always tell the truth” Valentine Aseyo, Founder


“People shouldn't tell your religion by your leggings” - Valentine Aseyo, Founder