Pride Collection

The Pride Collection

As an LGBTQ-owned & operated business, we proudly present the new Pride Collection. This one is very close to our hearts.

Revolutionizing Men’s Leggings 

As we revolutionize men’s compression pants one megging at a time, we curated a series of limited edition products to celebrate this year's pride month.

The Pride Prints Men's Tights

These bold prints represent the rainbow in different shapes and forms. From the best leggings for men, to the best piece to master your voguing skills.

Pride is for All, and So Are Meggings

We are ready to celebrate this special moment out-loud with the whole world. Pride is all about acceptance, connecting with people, and enjoying the festivities with friends and family. Everyone is welcome! However, we should not forget - the first pride was a riot.

The Progressive Pride Flag Prints

Meggings are for everyone. With this in mind, we selected a number of our men’s compression shorts to match every single color in the progressive pride flag. Everyone deserves to feel represented.

Use Them Everywhere

These vibrant colors and bold prints are ideal to werk on your own or dress up as a group. Whether you’re practicing your voguing skills, perfecting your yoga poses, running a marathon, or lifting weights, our men's compression shorts/pants & workout tank tops will give you complete freedom of movement. And they can even help you improve your technique during workouts, since they let you see the biomechanics of your movements. Get yours today and show your true colors.


The Pride Collection is full of various colorful options, like the Pride Zigzag Meggings, Pride Butterflies Meggings, Rainbow Shorts, and the Rainbow Tank Top. Each of these items differs in color and pattern.

The men's leggings in the Pride Collection can be worn with anything! Show off your pride by wearing them with other colorful garments.

Men's leggings are great for muscle support, flexibility, and preventing soreness, but the form-fitting fabric also hugs and accentuates your curves.

Men's leggings are great for yoga! Not only is the fabric stretchy enough for you to achieve different poses, but it also comfortably fits your body, so you don't have to worry about readjusting it.

Yes! Men's leggings are meant to stretch. They are made from a blend of lycra and polyester, which makes the fabric elastic so that it forms to your body well.