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12 Occasions to Wear Men’s Leggings

By Valentine Aseyo

If we were to look at men's fashion over the years, it's pretty obvious that the trends have been changing at roughly the same pace as women's fashion. What's more, over the past couple of decades or more, men began getting more interested in fashion trends, even feeling more comfortable in expressing themselves through clothing.

An interesting part of this is that men also began distancing themselves from the "baggy" kind of clothes. Sure, cargo pants and cargo shorts might have been a thing for a while in the 1990s—probably even the early 2000s. But, to be perfectly honest, anything in that style hasn't aged so well. At this point, it is almost the equivalent of wearing socks with sandals.

So, jeans, pants, and shorts slowly started getting tighter, up to the point where they kind of stopped being comfortable. In fact, they might even pose a long-term health risk for men. But, if you're into wearing slim or skinny stuff, worry not, as men’s gym leggings—also popularly known as meggings—have been a thing for a while now. In fact, men’s compression pants are a way healthier solution for men in the long run, compared to tight jeans. 

Now, men's tight compression leggings are, of course, more than just a fashion accessory, as they've first found use in different kinds of sports, providing an alternative to somewhat impractical loose shorts and tracksuits. Despite their tightness, meggings are designed to bring not just comfort and mandatory "storage" for the male parts; men’s sports leggings also offer an attractive design.

With this in mind, we'll be breaking some boundaries and looking at the top 12 best occasions when men can wear men’s gym leggings. Bear in mind that the list is in no particular order, as it usually comes down to individual preferences. So, let's get ready to look fabulous and sexy!

Fit man doing deadlift exercise in gym

1. Hittin' the Gym

Well, this is the obvious setting for a man to wear leggings. You don't want to have anything distract you or bother you while you do your squats, deadlifts, snatches, or clean and jerks. Proper men’s sportswear leggings will provide comfort with their slim fit and material that allows your skin to breathe with their moisture-wicking properties.

Man running for exercise

2. Running

Whether you're into longer or shorter cardio, we're all familiar with how important and healthy running can be—but wearing regular flappy shorts or tracksuits can get a bit annoying.

In addition, inadequate types of running clothes can be a significant contributor to that awful "runner's rash." Yeah, those who run often know what we're talking about—the annoying and unbearable rash you get from tight chafing. What's more, the loose clothing flapping around can be the direct contributor.

So, for this purpose, a pair of compression leggings for running can be more than enough to help you with all these issues. If you're a running enthusiast striving to become better, meggings might be just the thing for you.

3. Casual Wear

Hey! The 2020s are here, and everyone's being less strict and more open about the way you dress. If men’s athletic leggings feel great and look really good on you, why wouldn't you try to wear a pair? After all, we're all free to express ourselves through clothing the way we want to.

It doesn’t matter what type of meggings you're wearing. Anything designed for sports-related activities can be worn in everyday situations. This is especially the case for those who enjoy living a more active lifestyle, or just those who usually walk longer distances throughout their day. Or, perhaps, they just like the look and feel of men’s exercise leggings.

4. Hiking or Trekking

While not as exciting or as popular an activity among the younger population, these days, hiking itself can be very engaging and beneficial, both physically and mentally. But, just like with short- and long-distance running, improper clothing can be a real nuisance for hikers.

Since hikes can last for quite a while, rashes can be a potential issue, as well as annoyingly loose clothing. Men’s compression pants are a great solution for all those who would love to focus on enjoying the scenery and fresh air instead of potential cases of runner's rash.

Now, you should bear in mind that hiking and trekking are not the same things since trekking will involve more of "off-road" walking or even running, as well as some additional "exploration" outside of the already set paths.

With this obviously being a "riskier" activity, leggings can be worn underneath some additional clothing that would protect you from scratches and other potential harm in the wilderness. Just bear in mind that "rougher" paths may not be the perfect setting to wear just men’s running leggings.

5. Cycling

Comparable to running, cycling is yet another activity where loose sportswear can present an issue. Whether it's mountain biking or regular cycling, anything flapping around can also pose a safety threat, as well, since it could get lodged into the chain, causing you to fall.

And even if you're just planning to casually ride your bicycle, having leggings makes the experience way more comfortable.

man surfing the water

6. Surface Water Sports

We already mentioned how men’s gym leggings can let moisture and sweat evaporate freely, giving you more comfort and enjoyment during most sports activities. This is why they definitely come in handy for surface water sports—anything from rowing and sailing to waterskiing, surfing, and kitesurfing.

Different forms of leggings, in fact, are mandatory in a sport like rowing where anything loose could potentially interfere with the mechanical moving parts in the boat.

underwater scuba diving

7. Scuba Diving

If you want to go scuba diving, it's quite practical to have a pair of fine-looking meggings. You won't have to deal with additional wetsuits, and you'll be able to get dry fast when you get out of the water to enjoy the rest of your day!

8. Riding Motorcycles

Not only will it make you look cooler, but wearing a pair of proper sports compression tights on a motorcycle makes everything more comfortable. Besides, if you're going on a date or hoping to get lucky, you'll need to have trendy and stylish clothing, right? So why not just wear super sexy leggings?


9. Practicing Yoga

In case you get tired of loud motorbikes, then just take your leggings and go to a yoga session. Or, an even better idea: Increase your sexiness factor by getting yourself multiple pairs of men’s yoga leggings just for the Zen-inducing yoga sessions.

But, seriously now, you can wear different stuff for yoga, yet it feels much better with a tight-fitting pair of leggings. 

10. Skiing and Snowboarding

You can either deal with a boring old skiing or snowboarding suit, or you can get yourself a great-looking tight pair of meggings and still manage to look great at a ski resort! Besides, these will definitely feel better. Just make sure to wear layers so you don’t get too cold.

11. Various Extreme Sports and Activities

Whatever you're into—rock climbing, bungee jumping, parkour, skydiving, etc.—a pair of men’s gym leggings is a great solution for almost any form of extreme sport or other outdoor activities. Anything from simple ziplining up to BASE jumping, a pair of tight compression leggings will make a world of difference.

rockstar Performing live Music

12. Performing Live Music

If most of the 1980s rock musicians were obsessed with spandex, why can't you wear them yourself if you're a performing musician? What's more, a lot of the musicians are required to be quite active on stage, so this is a perfect opportunity for artists and bands of any genre. Go up there on the stage and be goddamn sexy! 

We hope you have enjoyed our top 12 best occasions to wear men’s active leggings. To find the perfect meggings in the latest trends, styles, and designs, please feel free to visit Matador Meggings and browse our online store today! You may also email us at or reach us via Facebook Messenger for further assistance.