Supercharge your Athletic Performance with Matador Meggings

Supercharge your Athletic Performance with Matador Meggings

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MaTaDoR: Meggings for Training, Diversity, Recreation

Matador Meggings are designed specifically to fit and support men’s bodies (including the groin department).

We make our men’s leggings with high-quality, moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics that move with you.

  • No bunching
  • No squeezing
  • No sliding down
  • No BS

Keep reading for 6 activities that were made for Matador Meggings.


man performing parkour in red and black compression pants


Runners need duds that don’t ride up or cause the dreaded runner’s chafe.

Matador Meggings stretch and move with your body. Here’s why runners love them:

  • Moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry
  • Form-fitting design reduces wind resistance
  • Inner drawstring keeps pants in place
  • Zippered pocket lets you securely store valuables
  • Soft crotch cup keeps everything tucked and concealed
  • Light compression improves circulation
muscular man running in grey printed meggings


Guys need yoga pants, too. Yeah, we said it.

Here’s why our men’s leggings are perfect for yoga:

  • The higher rise in the back prevents “crack-ccidents” when you forward bend.
  • The removable soft crotch cup conceals the goods while you’re nailing the perfect bakasana (crow’s pose).
  • The above-the-ankle design lets your ankles breathe (full-length available, too).


male yoga model wearing comfortable performance leggings


When you’re lifting weights or tearing up your CrossFit routine, support is everything.

Matador Meggings compression tights are responsive to your body as you power through deadlifts, clean and jerks, and leg presses.

They protect your shins, support your knees, and keep blood flowing to prevent lactic acid buildup.

Bonus: They also conceal winter-pale pandemic legs.

man working out in black camo compression tights


When you’re on the mat or in the ring, your focus should be on the win, not on wardrobe malfunctions.

Wrestlers and boxers love Matador Meggings for the amazing range of motion they offer. The fabric moves and stretches with your body like a second skin. And the inner drawstring keeps your knickers firmly in place.

When every ounce of energy matters, our men’s leggings deliver. They keep your muscles engaged and reduce muscle fatigue with light compression. 

And we can’t forget the optional soft crotch cup, which protects the goods and keeps the audience’s attention on your performance, not your peen.

Sweaty man boxing in white high performance meggings

Outdoor Sports & Events:

Matador Meggings are incredibly versatile. Take them to the court to the field to the water (and back).

Wear them while rock climbing, cycling, surfing, snowboarding/skiing, or busting a move at your favorite festival.

The zippered pocket holds important stuff like car keys and cash. The loop in back holds your shirt or towel. The removable crotch cup lets you pick your poison, depending on your mood.

muscular male model rollerblading in geometric leggings

Aerial Athletics (and more):

Are you a slacklining savant? A parkour pro? A gymnastics genius?

Matador Meggings were made for you.

Whatever your talent—trapeze artistry, aerial silks, rope walking, hand balancing, contortion—you’ll love how Matador Meggings respond to your body’s movements and support you where it counts.

And with so many eye-catching patterns, our men’s leggings were basically made for the Big Top. Rock your next event or competition in comfort and style in a pair of Matadors.

male performing athletic gymnastics in colorful performance leggings

About Matador Meggings

Matador Meggings is a unique athleisure fashion company that’s taking men’s athletic leggings to the next level. Our men’s leggings are designed specifically to fit, flatter, and support the male body.

They feature moisture-wicking performance fabric, two pockets (one open, one zippered), and a convenient loop to secure your towel or shirt. There’s also a removable molded crotch insert to prevent any unwanted peen gawking.

Together with our customers and fans, Matador Meggings is creating a supportive community focused on fitness, authenticity, and brotherhood.

man wearing black and blue leggings by palm tree