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Product Spotlight: Black Meggings

The definition of masculinity is changing and, as it does, so are people's fashion preferences. Leggings for men are normal these days. A lot of men wear leggings in the gym, during yoga, or when participating in sports.
Men's leggings are not only comfortable, they also serve several functional purposes including improved performance and convenient pockets. If you want to feel more comfortable while living an active lifestyle without worrying about your fashion, then Matador Meggings has the men's workout gear for you.

Black Leggings

Introducing our black meggings, designed for bulls, these men's black leggings give off a cool and stylish look when you're wearing them. Aside from the fashionable look, these meggings make it more comfortable for you to move around and be active. You can do anything while wearing them and you'll look masculine at the same time. Our compression tights are perfect for the modern man unafraid to show off his true matador. This classic garment is a must have in your workout clothing arsenal.

Product Features

Our black Meggings include several different features that give you convenience and confidence while wearing them!
  • Soft crotch up - you don't need to worry about your thing down there since these men's leggings will hide your VPL (Visible Penis Line).
  • Inner drawstring - this enables them to be form-fitting and remain secure even when doing a lot of movements.
  • Open pocket & Zipper pocket - they have different pockets that you can put your phone and other valuable things in.
  • Shirt loop - these meggings have a shirt loop where you can put your shirt or a towel you may be using to wick away sweat.

Benefits of Compression Pants

Wearing compression pants helps to support your muscles. They do this by boosting blood circulation. Men's compression pants also have a variety of different benefits:
  • Greater Performance - They can reduce fatigue brought on by working out.
  • Groin Support - Our men's compression tights are designed with a removable molded crotch cup which helps support your thing below and keep everything in place to prevent awkward situations.
  • Faster Recovery - Wearing compression pants can help to expedite workout recovery.
  • Ultimate Comfort - Form-fitting, stretchable & more!
  • Anti-irritation/chafing - Men's tights will stay in its place even if you move around a lot. It will also prevent irritation and chafing.
  • Increased Flexibility - It gives you a full range of motion, you literally have the freedom of your movement.
  • Style - Aside from all the benefits listed, compression pants gives off a stylish and cool look while making you feel comfortable at the same time.

How & When to Wear

Men's compression pants can also be worn in several different scenarios, not just while working out. You can wear them during everyday occasions because, as discussed, compression pants for men are fashionable!
  • Going to the Gym and Doing Yoga - This is the common place where men can wear leggings. It gives them more freedom to workout.
  • Running - It's really important to wear the correct garment when going for a run to avoid rashing and other irritations. Wearing compression pants will also increase your motion.
  • Casual Wear - Of course, compression sports wear can also be a go to everyday outfit, specially when doing errands.
  • Hiking or Trekking - Wearing compression leggings while trekking or hiking prevents rashes and irritations.
  • Cycling and Riding Motorcycle - Not wearing the proper sports wear when doing these activities causes annoyance and irritation. Where as, wearing leggings can boost your performance and gives you more comfort.
  • Surface Water Sports - Compression tights can also be worn when engaging in different surface water activities.

What Are Customers Saying About Matador

"I do a lot of yoga and hit classes, boxing too. I love my Matador Meggings - best fit and style. I appreciate the fact that they are designed with a man in mind. Can't wait for new styles! -- Keep up the great work!"
David D.
"One of the best meggings I've bought. They fit like a glove and provide support in all the right places (the built-in cup is ingenious). So many styles and colors to choose from, and I'm planning on buying another pair. Keep up the fine work - Matador Meggings!"
Tolu O.

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