Man (Valentine Aseyo) wearing men's leggings holding a snowboard and standing on a mountain

Style Guide: How To Rock Men's Leggings with Style

When you think of men’s leggings…your first thought might be: “I can only wear them with a plain white t-shirt and only to the gym or on a run. Okay, fine. Maybe while doing a few errands directly after one of those physical activities. But that’s it! One cannot wear meggings anywhere else or with anything else.” Well…what if we told you (nicely) that you were wrong? In fact, we’ll do you one better. We’ll “prove” it to you.

From dancing bare chested at the club to doing chest presses at the gym—you can wear meggings anywhere. From skiing down mountains to mountain climbing—you should wear meggings everywhere. With accessories, layers, or mixed prints—you can wear meggings with anything. With flashy ankle boots or even flashier kicks—you should wear your meggings with everything.

Click on the link below to see our style guide: HOW TO ROCK MEN’S LEGGINGS WITH STYLE for some tried-and-true ways to style and wear your meggings any and everywhere.


How to Rock Men’s Leggings with Style

Nope. Men’s leggings aren’t just for the gym. You can sport them almost anywhere—at the club, on the trail, at festivals, or at Sunday brunch. And why not? The right meggings (keyword: right) are comfortable, practical, and stylish. So here are a few style tips on how to wear men’s leggings—a must-have item in your athleisure wear wardrobe.

Play up the layered look.

Whether it’s merely a fashion statement or you’re trying to stay warm (but not too warm), layered outfits aren’t just practical, they’re always in style. Go dapper by pairing dark leggings with a loose-fitting jacket or cardigan. Or create an edgier look with pattern leggings, combat boots, an oversized coat, and sunglasses. There are no rules besides the ones you create for yourself.

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There are countless ways to accessorize men’s leggings. It all depends on your unique style. Add some flair to your leggings look with a scarf, hat, and old school sneakers or flashy running shoes. Play around with different looks and be your own trendsetter. Don’t forget to add the finishing touches with a watch and some jewelry or a belt or chest bag.

Why “Matador” Meggings?


■ Mix leggings with items from your weekend wardrobe.
■ Dress up men’s leggings with a blazer, cardigan, or oversized coat.
■ Invest in a pair of dressed-up runners to elevate your leggings look.
■ Don’t forget to accessorize with hats, watches, and jewelry.

Meet Valentine: Maker of Matador Meggings

Keep it simple.

A simple form-fitting t-shirt or tank top over leggings can give you some serious swagger. (And if you’re feeling daring, this Skank Tank can reveal a little side “moob” and maybe an occasional nip slip.) If you want more coverage, opt for a Hoodie Tank that falls below the waist—there’s nothing wrong with leaving a little to the imagination! (But there’s also nothing wrong showing it all off.)

Why “Matador” Meggings?

Dress leggings up.

Swap out the hoodie for a bomber jacket or blazer. Throw on a pair of dark-colored leggings, a V-neck, and leather ankle boots or loafers. Then stroll into your favorite lounge or gastropub like you own the place.

Meet Valentine: Maker of Matador Meggings

Be bold and shine bright.

Express yourself with bright, bold colors and patterns. The louder, the better, we say. You’ll no doubt turn heads, but isn’t that the point?

Why “Matador” Meggings?

Break rules by mixing prints and colors.

Matching and coordinating are two different animals. While we all love a good head-to-toe matching set, it’s 2020—and fashion rules were made to be broken. Mix prints, patterns, colors, and styles and give your meggings a chance to experience life on the wild side.

Meet Valentine: Maker of Matador Meggings

Don’t be afraid to wear pink.

What screams “I’ve got massive balls” (literally, figuratively, or both) than pairing some leggings with a pink top? Not much...

Why “Matador” Meggings?

Bare it all.

Forget about what other people think and focus on what matters: your performance and comfort. For your top half, go shirtless and be totally carefree while you’re working out, shooting hoops, or dancing at a festival. When it comes to your bottom half, wearing leggings without shorts is more comfortable. And it can help you improve your technique while doing squats, lunges, and other lower body moves. Without all that extra fabric in the way you can really see the biomechanics of your movements.

Meet Valentine: Maker of Matador Meggings
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