Black & Gray Collection

The Black & Gray Collection

Not comfortable yet with our loud prints? Enjoy the benefits of men’s compression tights with this collection. It features all the classics and essentials of men's leggings with pockets. If you’re not feeling as adventurous, shop this range to keep things tame and effortless.

Comfort at Its Best

Gone are the days of layering up on top of men’s compression pants to hide your groin department. The non-VPL (visible penis line) insert will conceal your goodies while you work out, practice yoga, or run. If you're feeling brave and you’d like to expose your money-maker... All the power to you! You can remove this cup and give people the show they’ve been waiting for. Just make sure to put it back when you’re visiting your parents.

A Collection for All

Shop this men's leggings range to keep things tame and effortless. Pair these meggings with a tank top or a t-shirt from our top collection that’s built from sweat-wicking performance fabric. Leggings for men - this is finally a reality.

Physical Exercise Benefits

Wearing sweat wicking men's leggings during any physical exercise has been proven to be incredibly beneficial for your body, performance, and recovery. Getting oxygen to your muscles is critical for optimal performance during workouts. High performance compression pants boost the amount of oxygen your muscles receive by increasing blood flow. More oxygen means more energy and power. Men's tights also act like a shock absorber, reducing vibrations in skeletal muscles when you run. This can help prevent muscle trauma. (And when your meggings are stylish, they can help prevent other types of fashion trauma, too).


If you're a fan of the simple things in life, the black and gray collection features a variety of men's legging options with black and gray colors, like the Black/Gray Meggings, the Black/Black Meggings, and the Black/Blue Meggings.

However you like! There are a variety of different designs in this collection, so they can be worn however you want and with whatever you want.

Aside from its extreme comfort, men's leggings are practical. They offer groin support, enhanced performance, and support for muscles. They even offer certain benefits for specific activities; for runners, the form-fitting fabric helps prevent wind resistance.

Not only are men's leggings like the Oyster Meggings great for yoga, but they're also well suited to other types of activities as well, like running, hiking, and water sports.

They're made from flexible material, which gives them elasticity and the ability to fit any body build.