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Straight from the Bulls’ Mouth: 5 Things Guys Love About Matador Meggings

Matador Meggings Reviews Testimonials

We know modesty is a virtue, but we had to share some of the amazing Matador Meggings reviews we’ve gotten from our customers over the years. It’s one thing to hear us brag about the awesomeness of our men’s leggings, but there’s no substitute for hearing it straight from the horse’s—er, bull’s—mouth.

Here are five things our customers love about Matador Meggings.

1: No-VPL (Visible Penis Line)

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We saved the best for last. By a mile one of the most common things we hear is how much guys love our No VPL technology. Here’s how a few of our meggings wearers described the liberating experience of not having to worry about “oversharing.”

“Finally feel comfortable wearing workout tights without the worry or focus on my package details! The padded crotch is comfortable and hides any VPL.”

“Love the optional privacy feature so that I can decide who sees what and when!”

“The privacy pad is ingenious and allows for going commando during workouts. It also provides decent support. A great product and I plan to buy more!”

We had to share one more of our men’s leggings reviews, which gave us all the feels and gets to the heart of our mission at Matador—to help guys look awesome and feel confident:

“I recently entered a depression that lasted about a year. During this time, I put on about 20 pounds…These meggings and shirts gave me the confidence to get in the gym again and work toward a goal. Thank you so much for starting this company!”

2: Function/Performance

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Our design team figured out how to incorporate useful features into our men’s leggings without sacrificing style. Here’s what our customers are saying:

“Originally, I purchased the leggings for running, workouts, etc. However, I’ve found them so comfortable I wear them throughout the day or under jeans for extra warmth while doing work outside. They are simply great.”

“Love them! I have four pairs now. I live in the gym as a trainer as well as being an avid mountain trail jogger and these are perfect for both!”

Matador Meggings are engineered for men and the male anatomy. Each pair features:

  • Removable soft crotch cup that conceals your manhood
  • Inner drawstring keeps your leggings snug
  • Higher back rise to help you avoid “crack-accidents” when you bend over or squat
  • Open pocket for your phone, a zipper pocket for your valuables

Shirt loop for your hand towel, tank top, or t-shirt

3: Style

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For years women had a virtual monopoly on leggings. It just wasn’t “cool” for guys to wear form-fitting stuff. Yet, the bullfighters of Spain had been rocking leggings for centuries—and looking pretty badass while doing it.

We set out to create leggings for men that let guys everywhere flaunt the goods they work so hard for—and show off their personal style. Here’s what some of our customers are saying:

“Wow, and wow some more. Ladies love [these] meggings and they definitely check out my junk.”

“Wore this to a group run session and loved them. And boy did I receive compliments!!”

“I love the way they hug in all the right places. And they make my skinny legs look more muscular because of the shape of the black panel that strategically wraps the leg. I feel sexy in these.”

Our meggings come in dozens of colors and prints, from classic black to geometric cubes. Don’t forget a sweat-wicking, antibacterial mask.

4: Quality

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In a world of throwaway fashion and shoddy clothing design, the team at Matador Meggings wanted to create something better. Our meggings are built to last. We only use high-quality, durable-yet-soft materials, and we pay attention to every detail. Here’s what some of our customers are saying:

“Really impressed by the quality of these leggings. They’re incredibly comfortable, fit super well, and stretch with your body.”

“The quality of these meggings is indeed exceptional—not just the attention to details but the superior design, fabric, and stitching.”

“The best leggings I’ve ever bought. Wonderful fabric and design. I’m hooked.”

5: Comfort

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Matador Meggings are so comfortable you’ll want to wear them every day. In fact, many of our customers do—one of our most devoted shoppers owns more than 60 pairs!  Here’s what guys are saying: 

“Wowza, these jokers are comfy! After trying…some cheaper brands from Amazon, I gave these a shot. I didn’t take them off for two days. Slept, worked, played in them. They’re just super comfortable. I ordered two more pairs a few days later.”

“Here’s the thing. Ladies love them, they are comfortable, and the crotch is under control. I have several pairs and this is all I wear for working out, running, and yoga-ing (is that a verb?) I am all set, period.”