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Product Spotlight: Arrow Meggings

Are you ready to embrace the next innovation in men’s sportswear? Are you searching for a supportive, strong, and attractive sports legging that lets you practice your game, your way? Then look no further than the Matador Megging. Specially designed with both discretion and performance in mind, these men's tights you can take anywhere, anytime, and ask anything from. No need to hide in baggy layers, sacrificing performance for the sake of public decency or comfort. With the best men's leggings in your corner, you can get to grips with your sporting performance- we’ve got the rest covered.

Our Arrow Meggings

It’s time to stand out from the crowd! The bright and whimsical print on our Arrow meggings are as appropriate on the weight bench as they are in a festival crowd. Showcase your personality, and bring some vibrant fun to leg day, too. 
From the toughest CrossFit workout to the sweatiest hot yoga class, this mischievous design will turn heads and brighten the mood wherever you take them.
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Product Features

What sets the Arrow Matador Meggings apart from the crowd?
  • Convenience: All Matador Meggings have an in-built shirt loop to carry your shirt or towel. There’s also an open and zipped pocket, so you can carry your phone and valuables with peace of mind
  • Discrete and practical: Our unique ‘soft cup’ technology ensures you get all the support with none of the bulge- no need to hide behind baggy shorts! There’s also an inner drawstring you can tighten to ensure no plumber’s crack interrupts your squats or deadlifts, too.
  • Performance and comfort: Made with the very best lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric, Meggings make sure you’re odor-free, dry, and comfortable, no matter how hard you feel the burn. 

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Benefits of Compression Pants

In a world of high-tech sportswear, what’s sending more and more athletes to the track in compression leggings
  • Support and performance: Gone are the days of uncomfortable cups and awkward sports belts. With compression technology, you can keep the ‘goods’ safe and focus on your workout. Not to mention that several reputable studies link compression gear to enhanced athletic performance!
  • Faster recovery: We’ve been using compression to treat strains and sprains for decades. Now it’s time to get ahead of the pack! Better blood flow, more support for muscles and blood vessels, and faster lactic acid removal..what more could you want?
  • Comfort: Banish runner’s chafing! No more stinging and pain, just you and a great workout.
  • Flexibility and style: No more fighting baggy layers. Compression tights move with your muscles, letting you focus on your sport instead. Plus they look great!

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How & When to Wear

Anywhere you need to bring your best performance, Matador can go too. Custom-designed for sporty men, take them to the gym, out to the track, into yoga class or CrossFit, or hop on your bike and pedal away. But that’s not the only place you can take your new duds. Our users tell us they’re rocking their Matador Meggings wherever real life happens. 
Extreme sports like cycling, surfing, and scuba diving need reliable, flap-free clothing. Motorcyclists need reliable gear that won’t drag or tangle. Beach Gods need tough, protective gear that won’t weigh them down. Global nomads need fuss-free clothes they can wear anywhere. They all love Matador leggings for men.

What Are Customers Saying About Matador?

Why believe us? Here’s just a tiny bit of the endless positive feedback we hear daily!
  • "I do a lot of yoga and hit classes, boxing too. I love my Matador Meggings - best fit and style. I appreciate the fact that they are designed with a man in mind. Can't wait for new styles! -- Keep up the great work!" ~David D. 
  • "One of the best meggings I've bought. They fit like a glove and provide support in all the right places (the built-in cup is ingenious). So many styles and colors to choose from, and I'm planningon buying another pair. Keep up the fine work - Matador Meggings!" ~Tolu O.

Product Fun Facts

Did you know that the idea of men's leggings dates back to the 1870s? That’s a lot of history!

Products You Might Also Like

While the Arrow Megging is one of our top-sellers in the range, this bold and playful pattern isn’t the only one you have to choose from. Our website showcases all our spectacular Meggings designs. From plain and practical through to the boldest, brightest patterns, we’ve got a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy. 
While people can’t stop raving about our Meggings, they’re also not the only compression sportswear for men we have on offer. Check out our broad range of shorts and tees, many in matching patterns, and make sure you always look as great as your workout feels.

Product #1 - Psychedelic Shorts

Is someone in your life claiming your Arrow Meggings are too bright? Our funky psychedelic shorts beg to differ! If you’re a man who doesn’t mind spending time in the spotlight, this whimsical design is sure to catch the eye. 

Product #2 - Sky Meggings

Bold and bright blue, elegantly wrapped into our Sky Meggings design, brings a happy vibe to any workout.

Product #3 - Bright Blue Muscle Tank

This bold and bright blue muscle tank will show off all that hard work you’ve been putting in. Plus it looks great with both the Arrow and Sky Meggings, giving your wardrobe extra versatility.

Introduction to Matador

Matador for men- the only men's compression sportswear you’ll ever need!  Whether it’s the fun and funky designs, or the hidden comfort features, you love the most, you’re sure to come back to Matador over and over again. Designed by a man specifically for the comfort and peace of mind of male sportsmen, gym-lovers, and anyone who wants comfortable, practical clothing that moves with you, let the Matador difference help you take your game to the next level today.