Navy Blue Men's Leggings

Navy Blue Men's Leggings

As time passes by, the definition of masculinity is evolving and along with that, the type of clothes that we wear also change. These days, men wearing leggings is just a norm specially when going to the gym or when engaging into sports. Wearing leggings gives you more comfort and can make it easier for you to be flexible when doing your workout session. So if you're looking for a leggings you want to wear without worrying about its quality and how will it look on you, then you are on the right page!

Our Navy Blue Meggings

Introducing our Navy Blue Meggings. This type of meggings can keep up with your active lifestyle! You can run like an athlete, lift like a weight-lifter, and move freely. You can wear this meggings when going to the gym, doing yoga, engaging to athletic activities, and you can even wear this as your type of fashion. So basically, you can wear this when doing anything, specially if what you're doing requires a lot of movement. This meggings are applicable to wear for training, diversity, and recreation.

Product Features

Aside from this, a fashionable meggings that men can wear, our Navy Blue Meggings also have a lot more features that can make you really want to wear it!
  • Soft crotch up - this meggings conceals your VPL (Visible Penis Line), so you don't have to worry about a thing below when wearing this meggings.
  • Inner drawstring - this keeps your meggings snug! With higher back rise that avoids any "crack-cidents".
  • Open pocket & Zipper pocket - it has an open pocket for your phone and a zipper pocket to secure your valuables.
  • Shirt loop - at the back of your meggings is a shirt loop to carry your shirt or towel with you.

Benefits of Compression Pants

Compression pants are designed skin-tight clothing that supports and contains you muscles. Wearing this improves circulation by forcing blood back to your heart instead of allowing it to pool in your legs.
Aside from that, compression pants have a lot more benefits that adds advantage among other gears:
  • GREATER PERFORMANCE - Wearing compression pants improves your performance. It can also reduce muscle soreness and fatigue during and after workouts.
  • GROIN SUPPORT - When it comes to crotch support, we have a removable molded crotch cup that supports the goods and keeps everything tucked in to help you avoid awkward situations.
  • FASTER RECOVERY - Compression literally helps you treat sprains and strains.
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT - Compression pants may put pressure when worn but it also feels comfortable. It gives you full range of motions, it keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable.
  • ANTI-IRRITATION/CHAFING - Compression pants are designed to prevent chafing and irritation. It will always stay in its place no matter how much you move.
  • INCREASED FLEXIBILITY - It supports your muscle without suppressing your motion. This gives you complete freedom of your movement.
  • STYLE - Compression pants look and feel sporty, giving you the confidence to go the extra mile.

How & When to Wear

Since fashion trends are evolving over time, compression pants can be worn not only when going to the gym but it can also be a fashion preference for men. You can wear leggings at different occasions too!
  • HITTING THE GYM AND DOING YOGA - Of course, the obvious place to wear a leggings for a man. Leggings provide comfort with its fitting and materials.
  • RUNNING - Not wearing the proper garment when going for a run can cause rashing that is why, wearing leggings when running gives you more comfort and increases your motion.
  • CASUAL WEAR - We all know that any kind of sports wear can also be worn in an everyday situation, especially when you are living an active lifestyle.
  • HIKING OR TREKKING - When going on a trek, wearing the proper outfit helps you prevent rashes and nuisance.
  • CYCLING AND RIDING MOTORCYCLE - Wearing loose sportswear can create an issue, such as, rashes and annoyance. Wearing leggings makes the experience way more comfortable.
  • SURFACE WATER SPORTS - This can be worn from scuba diving, surfing, water skiing, boating, and kitesurfing.

What Are Customers Say About Matador

"I can’t express enough how much I LOVE these ! First off, everything in the description these say they do THEY DO! The material is super durable and absolutely opaque. They feel almost like a second skin, but at the same time not exposing at all. Great quality! I keep rubbing my hands all over them! The crotch pad is very impressive as well. It perfectly conceals the outline of your private area and makes it into a seamless bulge! The not one but TWO pockets are also incredible! I now have a spot for my keys when running! I’m overall very impressed and have already ordered a second pair! Trust me you won’t be sorry !"
Carl F.
"I absolutely LOVE my Matador Meggings products!! Not only are they super comfy, they do not chafe, they wick away the sweat, they dry quickly when I finish my training and they have just enough compression in the quad area to keep my knees from hurting. I recommend them to all my running buddies...need to purchase another pair and then invest in full Meggings for next winter!"
Donald B.

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To add style to your meggings, a matching mask will look good on it! Aside from tops and bottoms, we also designed a mask to match your look. And yes, it is reversible so that you can have an option to match the main print or add design into it.