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Black Compression Shorts For Men

Black on Black. Sexy, powerful, and sleek. There’s a reason that, no matter how many ‘X is the new black’ articles fashion mags push on us, black remains the sleekest, chicest color in the book. What if we told you you could get all the power of our classic Matador Meggings, now in a sleeker, shorter package? Let’s dive into these black compression shorts.

Our Black Compression Shorts For Men

We love men’s leggings, but they can sometimes be too much. Maybe you want to get a tan, or swim without the feeling of anything on your skin. Maybe you’re a bold cyclist who laughs in the face of road rash. Maybe it’s just hot out there. Men’s compression running shorts offer all the benefits of our standard meggings, in a new and hot package. 

Product Features

Looking for men’s compression shorts with a pocket? Look no further! All the same fantastic features you know and love from our meggings are right here in our compression shorts for men, too! Shirt loop? Check. Inner drawstring and non-slip band? Check. Zippered and unzippered pockets for all your stuff? Check. And, of course, would it even be Matador compression workout gear if it didn’t come powered up with that signature no-VPL (visible penis line) technology and comfortable crotch cup to keep your package properly…well, packaged!

Benefits of Compression Shorts

While men’s compression shorts don’t deliver the lower leg support that full men’s tights do, they still bring that same sports tech to the table. The upper thigh muscles are some of the largest in the body, and using this new technology can help keep them lightly supported and encourage blood flow. This also helps you warm up faster, exercise better, and recover quicker. It’s win-win.

How & When to Wear

There’s a reason they call these men’s running tights - they’re great for sporting events. If you go hard in the gym, run, cycle, or swim, there’s never been a more faithful gym buddy. Of course, that’s not the only place these beauties will go. They’re perfect at the beach, make a great companion for hot-weather festivals, sand sports, and anywhere you want to strut your stuff and flash those calves.

What Are Customers Saying About Matador?

100% recommend! "No other men's leggings like them. The price reflects the amazing quality and care gone into making them. Shipping was extremely fast. I would 100% recommend. Can't wait to get more"
~Jesse C.
Love them! I'm an older guy (52 today!), and I wear leggings when I workout. I love these for a variety of reasons. One, the drawstring is great as I find I don't have to constantly tug these ones up. Very big positive for me as I've owned other leggings with drawstrings and they aren't even close. Because I workout at lunch during work, I'm supposed to have my keys and phone on me for a quick call. The pockets take care of both those issues for me. I love the towel loop as I am a sweaty dude and need to keep a towel handy. And of course, the fit. Comfiest leggings out there. I would even wear these for recovery days or when I have to fly. Thank you for such a great product. I will be ordering more.
~Ben B.
"I really love these. I love the discreet padding they have integrated and I personally like wearing these without shorts because I think they look sexy, but not too revealing."
~James P.

Product Fun Facts

Why is black so synonymous with chic style? In the words of Yohji Yamamoto, Japanese fashion designer, “Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy – but mysterious.” Of course, there’s also the fact that it creates a neat, clean silhouette that’s slimming, too. Typically, we love black because it helps us to shine, instead of making its own presence known through eye-catching color. Let’s be honest, it’s just cool!

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What else can you wear with your Black on Black Matador compression gym shorts? Anything you like! Black is just that versatile. But here’s some hot faves we think will rock in your new wardrobe.

Product #1 - Coral and Black Meggings

You have your chic all-black compression shorts for running. Now it’s time for a pop of color. This is a fun, bold, and bright way to celebrate full-length men’s leggings, and it’s ever-so-pretty, too.

Product #2 - Silky White Tank

We bet you thought we were going to go all black, right? Nah. With these all-black shorts in your arsenal, you’ve never had a better opportunity to rock some monochrome looks than now. This sparkling, comfortable white tank should be in every man’s wardrobe.

Product #3 - Bright Blue Muscle Shirt

If monochromatic isn’t your thing, then why not try this one on for size? With the crisp lines of the shorts, it’s perfect to bring some bold color to your look- and feels great too.

Introduction to Matador

Matador is on a mission- make men feel (and look) as great in athleisure as our female counterparts get to. Why should men’s fashion languish under baggy, ugly layers while the girls get to play with fun and flirty looks? Recognizing the need in the market, Matador founder Valentine Aseyo is proud to bring Bulls everywhere sleek, fitted, practical men's athletic wear that suits their needs. Which design are you going to try first?