Compression Shorts

Matador Meggings proudly presents: men's performance compression shorts! They feature a soft molded crotch cup (aka. modesty pad) concealing your pocket rocket so you no longer need to wear shorts over your meggings. They offer an open pocket for your phone, a zipper pocket for your valuables and a shirt/towel loop on the back to hang your gym towel or shirt when you go for a run. Basically, Matador Meggings has re-engineered compression shorts for the male anatomy and modern men's needs.

If you're feeling bold and brave, you can easily remove the crotch cup to flaunt your money-maker and give people the show they've been waiting for. The stage is yours!

Our sweat-wicking performance fabric and bold designs are perfect for working out, yoga, running, boxing, dancing, festivals, and the streets.