Black Collection


There are many great options available with the Black Collection! There are the Black/Gray Meggings that come with a gray stripe down the legs, and other megging options, even compression shorts!

The greatest aspect about the Black Collection is how versatile the colors are. They match well with every other color and are perfect for every occasion.

One of the benefits of the Black Collection is how dark the fabric is. Darker fabrics attract more heat, so the dark colors, paired with the insulation properties, can help keep you cool while you're wearing them. And for hot summer days, the moisture-wicking material flicks sweat and heat away, keeping your body cool.

The meggings and other items within the Black Collection are perfect for yoga! They are comfortable and allow for full flexibility, and the zipper pocket is great for holding your valuables when you're reaching for your feet.

The men's meggings from the Black Collection move with your body. All of the meggings are made with elastic fabric, a blend of polyester and lycra, two materials that allow the meggings fabric to Stretch and breathe.