Matador Meggings Features Infographic

Strategic Design Behind Matador Meggings


Matador Meggings have tons of unique features for utility and comfort. Learn more about the purpose and design of each feature.


No-VPL Crotch Cup aka. “Modesty Pad”

  • Designed to keep your dude bits demure and prevent unwanted VPL (visible penis line).
  • Insert can be removed if needed; stow or show your stuff whenever you want to.
  • Soft cup is comfortable and flexible, allowing you to move with total freedom.

Open Pocket

  • Designed to hold your phone in an accessible way.
  • Spacious pouch and stretchy fabric to accommodate various phone sizes.
  • Placement on the outer thigh keeps phone in reach without getting in the way of workouts.

Inner Drawstring

  • Designed to cinch in place around the body for extra hold at the hips when you do deadlifts, squads, or backflips.
  • Placement on the inside of the waistband keeps it from getting snagged or pulled loose during activity.
  • Keeps the overall look smooth and chic, with no messy dangling strings to ruin your meggings fashion.

Zipper Pocket

  • Designed to secure your valuables so they don’t fall out – or get snatched by a really bold pickpocket.
  • Convenient way to hold anything you don’t want to lose: keys, credit card, money, etc.
  • Matching, minimalist, hidden zipper and pull keep the aesthetic sleek and unified.

T-Shirt/Towel Loop

  • Designed to provide a secure place for a shirt or towel while running, working out, or festivals.
  • Strategic placement at the back of the leggings keeps the garment on you but out of the way.
  • Ensures that a personal sweat towel is in reach and prevents the tragic loss of sexy gym shirts.

Non-Slip Waistband

  • Designed to hug the hips comfortably and keep the pants from slipping down during movement.
  • Waistband grip eliminates the fear of crack-ccidents and allows for free midsection movement.
  • Made with soft, flexible fabric to prevent pinching, rubbing or chafing.

Sweat-Wicking Performance Fabric

  • Designed to let moisture pass through rather than retaining it, keeping the body cool, dry, and chafe-free.
  • Fabric is breathable, stretchy, and durable for maximum comfort and garment lifespan.
  • Wind and water resistant, providing crucial protection from the elements.

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