Low-Rise 3/4 Collection

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Meggings? Heard of them? We’ve call them Meggings. What do others call them? Leggings, compression pants, running tights...we could go on for days.

What makes our compression pants so unique? Simple—we’ve built them for you with the male anatomy in mind. Want to hide your VPL (visible penis line) but flaunt your assets at your next rave or run to the supermarket? We got you covered in courage.

And since life is better with options, we’ve made the soft crotch cup removable for a different look (and feel). Consider rocking this bold look when bashful is the last thing you’re feeling.

Our ¾ Length Collection ends mid-calf and is perfect for those that like breezy ankles. If you prefer full length for whatever reason, check out our Full Collection. Pair these meggings with a skank, hoodie tank, muscle tank, or a t-shirt from our Top Collection that’s built from sweat-wicking performance fabric.