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Product Spotlight: Marble Meggings

Calling all sporty guys! It’s time to take your game to the next level with innovative, supportive men's leggings that deliver what you need, when you need it. Are baggy pants and boring workout wear dragging your game down? Are you tired of not being able to enjoy the full versatility and freedom of movement found in women’s sportswear? Put those worries in the past, as Matador Meggings brings you the very best fusion of sporting technology and style. You concentrate on your workout- Matador has everything else under control.

Our Marble Meggings

Breathable and comfortable, this cool and classic pattern evokes memories of gladiators and Roman centurions to help you power through your next workout. Perfectly engineered to fit your active lifestyle, this nature-inspired pattern looks as great on the track or in your favorite class. Look as good as any Greek God with the Marble Matador Meggings, and bring the perfect blend of style, comfort and practicality to your gym or sports practice today. We guarantee you’ll never look back!
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Product Features

Why do our Bulls keep coming back to Matador?
  • Soft and discrete crotch: The unique design of Matador Meggings ensures nothing shows but your grit and determination. No VPL (visible penis line) here, just support and comfort. 
  • ‘Crack-ccident’ free: Don’t let the fear of plumber’s crack put you off your lifting game. Squat as deep as you need- our inner drawstring will make sure nothing peeks, while staying slimline and invisible so your fashion game stays as good as your sports game.
  • High-performance fabric: Soft, with 4-way stretch and moisture-wicking, the Meggings featherweight fabric stays odor-free and tough no matter what you throw at it.
  • Pockets: With an open and zipped pocket, your valuables are always safe
  • Shirt loop: Strip down if you need- with our shirt/gym towel loop, you can go hands-free and shirt-free.

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Benefits of Compression Pants

Why have men's compression pants become the go-to gear for athletes worldwide? As sports become more high-tech, so does the gear we’re trusting to get us through the workout. 
  • Performance and recovery: Men's tights have been scientifically proven to improve performance and boost recovery. From inflammation reduction and reduced muscle pain to greater lactic acid drainage and warmer muscles through better blood flow, play your best game with compression sportswear
  • Flexibility: Clothing that moves with you lets you perform at your best, instead of fighting fabric for room to move. 
  • Anti-chafe comfort: Baggy layers of flapping fabric aren’t just a distraction, it hurts too! As any man who’s had ‘runners nipples’ after a race knows, chafing isn’t for sissies. Banish the burn for good and up your athletic game too.
  • Better support and protection: Keep the family jewels discreetly packed and spare yourself the risk of injury in one easy package. Our unique crotch cup ensures you have the support you need and the discretion you crave, so you can focus on your workout with no awkward feelings. 
  • Style: Who said men’s workout gear can’t be fun to wear, too?

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How & When to Wear

Matador and sports go hand in hand. Whether you’re pounding the pavement, cycling, pushing weights in the gym, or heading into sports classes, we’ve got you covered. But that’s not the only place you can take your Matador Meggings. 
Extreme sports and water sports both need comfortable, reliable clothing that can stand up to the rigors and get the job done. Take your Meggings to the snow-capped mountains, or play in the sea… you’ll give up before they do. Take them on a hike, wear them on stage or off at festivals, or just enjoy a life where you can toss them in a bag and go where the wind blows. Your Matador Meggings will go anywhere you need them to, and look great too!

What Do Customers Have To Say About Matador?

Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what 2 happy customers had to say- there’s plenty more for you to explore, too.
"My husband Richard and I LOVE them, the quality is above and beyond. We feel blessed to have quality workout clothes that are tailored to our active lifestyle. When you look good you feel good, wearing them often inspired me to train so hard I look better than ever." 
~Sidow S.
"Flattering fit. The soft cup crotch is perfect and provides enough coverage to hide VPL. These are leggings you can wear with confidence. Perfect for running; the fit is high-waisted enough and do not creep down. The right side pocket is a great feature! Black & grey will be my next purchase." 
~Carl W.

Product Fun Facts

Did you know that tennis player Henry ‘Bunny’ Austin was the first person to wear shorts at Wimbledon (in 1932)? He is said to have shocked Queen Mary- we wonder what she would have made of Matador Meggings? Sports gear for men sure has come a long way!

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While Matador's Meggings are our best-selling line, they're not the only men's sportswear we sell. We also have a broad range of tops and shorts, many in matching patterns, for you to enjoy. 
Flesh out your performance wardrobe with a wide range of fun colors and patterns. Whether you like whimsical and bold, or practical and discrete, you’re sure to fall in love with our fashion-forward designs. Who said you can’t work hard and look great, too?

Product #1 - Oyster Shorts

Our Oyster Shorts have a similar vibe to the Marble Meggings, and will give you a versatile way to transition your sports wardrobe from hot to cold, or simply from short to long.

Product #2 - Hoodie Tank

Our Hoodie Tank gives your Marble Meggings a funky street vibe, while still helping you keep your athletic performance top-notch.

Product #3 - Silky Black T-Shirt

Not keen on the tank shirt look? This silky black T-shirt is immensely practical and will look great with everything you wear, including your Marble Meggings. You can even wear it to work!

Introduction to Matador

Our flagship Matador Meggings were specially designed for men’s unique sportswear needs by a fellow sportsman. With comfort and peace of mind guaranteed with every purchase, let us handle your gym- and sportswear needs. Guaranteed no VPL and crack-free, you can work on you while Matador handles the rest. Add some style to your sporting wardrobe, and let our careful attention to detail help you improve your game today.