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Gray Camo Meggings: Product Overview

At Matador Meggings it’s our mission to hook you up with workout gear that looks great, feels even better, and empowers you to find your inner style diva too. It’s time to overhaul your athleisure wardrobe with some military vibes today, with our scintillating Gray Camo Meggings.

Our Gray Camo Meggings

Gray camo blends the stylish vibes of monochrome patterns with the manly allure of the fighting forces. Bring both to the table to power up your workout with these sophisticated and funky men’s leggings.
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Product Features

We didn’t just create our remarkable soft cup tech and leave it at that! Matador meggings are designed with a full range of motion and convenience in mind. Of course, our no VPL (Visible Penis Line) crotch design is a big drawcard. Keep it discreet and good-looking (like a superhero) with the cup in, or take it out when you want your package to shine. The hidden drawstring and no-slip band means you can concentrate on your workout, not what’s flashing at the back. And our towel loop and zippered/unzippered pockets will keep your other valuables safe.
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Benefits of Compression Pants

If you’re picturing that tight pair of Levi’s you haven’t worn since high school, forget it! Men’s compression pants aren’t about squeezing your anaconda to death. Compression gear is designed to ‘hug’ the muscles, giving them a little extra support and stability. This helps them stay warm, encouraging better workouts and quicker recovery, too. They also cut down on fluid retention and swelling around the muscle.
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How & When to Wear

Wherever you go, your Matador men’s tights can go with you. They’re perfect for all kinds of active lifestyles. It doesn’t matter if that’s pumping reps in the gym, rolling out a yoga mat, or hitting the pavement for a good run or cycle. There’s some other areas you may not have thought of, however. Let’s take a look.
  • Meggings make great ‘under layers’ for hiking, snow sports, and even riding a motorcycle
  • They’re versatile, don’t crease, and let you flaunt your style, so great for events, festivals, camping, safaris, and traveling light.
  • The quick-dry, robust fabric and tight nature make them perfect in the water, so take them scuba diving, kite surfing, or snorkeling
  • They’re practical and flexible, so perfect for adventure sports
  • They move with you, so they’re great for male dancers and performers
Where will you take your Gray Camo Meggings? Be sure to let us know!

What Our Customers Say About Matador

We’ve talked a lot of talk here. Let’s dive into some customer reviews and prove it’s not all showboating!
"Super soft. I love the pockets. They held up great on a run too. I love the cup design to add or remove it.
~Robert L.
"I really love these. I love the discreet padding they have integrated and I personally like wearing these without shorts because I think they look sexy, but not too revealing." 
~James P.
"I wear them for yoga. Other brands of leggings roll quite a bit but these are better. I like not having to wear shorts over them when I do an in-person class, but since all classes have moved on-line, It really doesn't matter. They keep me from squishing my junk when I 'm doing cobra.
~Keith L.
It seems the guys agree. Your junk is safe in our trunks, and your workout is bound to improve!

Product Fun Facts

You know how you feel like an Urban Warrior when you power through a good workout? That’s actually what gray camo print was developed for- tactical assaults in urban settings. For the military, it’s actually been a bit of a bust, never quite living up to the promised degree of camouflage. Cities are just too varied and busy. Luckily, with Matador in your corner you never need to hide away- between the style and the features, you can wear your Gray Camo Meggings and stand out from the crowd.

Products You Might Also Like

You can’t just have one pair of men’s running tights in your wardrobe! Luckily, Matador makes a full range of comfortable, practical, and stylish men’s workout wear, so you can pack your wardrobe full of the brand you trust. Why not try these products with your Gray Camo Meggings?

Product #1 - Rainbow Meggings

You’ve got sleek monochrome sorted out already, so why not try a bright and bold rainbow with a difference. You’ll dazzle like a stained glass window and move like a sinuous, colorful crocodile. Make a statement wherever you go. It will distract from the sweat after that hard workout, too. What’s not to love?

Product #2 - Silky Black Tee

Every man needs at least one practical black shirt in his wardrobe. Replete with the Matador difference, this stylish cut will hang perfectly to show off those muscles you’ve worked so hard to build. It’s got the same moisture-wicking capabilities as our men’s compression pants, so you’ll look calm and collected no matter how hard you’re working.

Product #3 - Black Thunder Shorts

With much of the same vibe as the Gray Camo Meggings, but a bit more whimsy, this pair of shorts will fit seamlessly into your new workout wardrobe. Perfect for swimming, or just powering through a hot workout, you’ll be glad you added these to your cart.

Introduction to Matador

Here at Matador, we work hard to bring you a range of workout gear that fits seamlessly into your world. Look great, work hard, and see the results you want. With Matador keeping you covered, you can work out your way.