compression shorts for men

Gray Camo Compression Shorts

Are you looking for compression shorts for men that do more than just look sad? Then look no further! Matador Meggings has taken the same technology that makes our men’s leggings so beloved, and applied them to our compression shorts, too. With the same fit, funk, and style, you have a whole new world of shorts open to you.

Gray Camo Compression Shorts

If you’re looking for a soft monochrome color that flatters and adds some personality, but doesn’t get in the way of a workout, then look no further. Our gray camo is serious where it matters, delivers all the Matador quality you’ve come to know and love, and looks fantastic on a toned butt too.

Product Features

As with our men’s tights, Matador shorts have all the same helpful features- towel loop, zippered and unzippered pockets, and fit correctors like a no-roll waistband and hidden drawstring. Plus, of course, the same soft crotch cup that helps you bundle your package for the masses with no flashing or embarrassment.

Benefits of Compression Shorts

As with men’s compression pants, compression shorts give your muscles a little ‘hug’ to help you perform at your best. Encouraging healthy blood flow, they help you warm up quicker, recover better, and give light support for a safer, happier workout. Plus it eliminates the risk of chafing and makes them look great, too.

How & When to Wear

Wear them when you like! Our men’s compression shorts will go anywhere you dare to go bare (legged). Whether you need reliable running buddies for the summer months, like to swim in shorts, or just want to show off your calves, Matador has your back. 

What Our Customers Say About Matador

Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what fans have to say about Matador:
"Best set of meggings I've owned. I like that they have been designed as a primary garment and not an under garment to be hidden under shorts that just snag and get in the way. The solid navy rocks for those of us who just want to get in and out of the gym without being noticed all the time." Danny C.
"I’ve got a decent collection of meggings from several designers, and Matador is my favorite. The fit is spot on, style is great and product is well thought out. Particularly great for intensive yoga practices, such as athletic Vinyasa flows. Highly recommend them." Silas C.

Product Fun Facts

Did you know that blue/grey camouflage like this is called ‘digital’ camo? In military settings, they’re designed for urban combat amid concrete buildings. It’s fine if you keep your digital doings to the ‘Gram, however!

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Introduction to Matador

It’s time to become a Matador Bull, boys! With our exciting range of men's workout apparel made specially with the male anatomy in mind, you can do your own thing whenever you want. Wear them to festivals (or the shops) or take them on your next hike. Matador has you covered all the way!