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Making Waves: Matador Meggings Skyrockets to Stardom in the Men’s Leggings Space

Matador Meggings has made a huge splash since its launch in 2019. And, wow, what a journey. Between filling orders and press interviews, it’s been busy around here.

It all started a few years ago when our founder—Valentine Aseyo—was in training to become a yoga teacher.

Everywhere he looked he saw women in spandex, and he wanted to join the party.

But with the flimsy leggings available for guys at the time, Valentine was worried about “oversharing” in downward dog.

The experience inspired him to create better men’s leggings—one with a supportive crotch that leaves more, ahem, to the imagination.

As he told The Strategist last year, he based his design off the sleek, body-hugging suits worn by the bullfighters of his native Spain.

He wasn’t trying to reinvent the wheel with his men’s leggings, he just wanted to create a “better crotch situation.”

Soon, Matador Meggings was born.

Fast forward to today, and guys can’t get enough of our leggings.

An open pocket for your phone and a zipper pocket

Last we checked, around 70% of our customers were back on our site within a few weeks to buy a second pair.

And for sure the feature our customers love most is our No-VPL (visible penis line) technology. Every pair of Matador Meggings comes with a removable molded crotch cup that conceals the goods when you’d rather not be on full display.

Beyond the Need for “Dick Towels”

In fact, our No-VPL technology is so popular, Matador Meggings was featured in a Men’s Health article addressing “the problem of the bulge.”

The article’s author highlighted how Matador has revolutionized what is arguably the most important feature of men’s leggings: the crotch.

“Matador Meggings,” the author wrote, “features more than just a jockstrap for comfort. When I tried on a sample pair for the first time, I immediately noticed the groin is reinforced by a soft, teardrop-shaped pad, which can be removed from an internal pouch. I felt like I was wearing a codpiece, as the pad's material gave the groin area both shape and size.”

The Hottest Leggings for Summertime Fun & Festivals

But there’s so much more to love about our compression leggings—like the awesome prints, the quality stitching and material, and the functional features.

An avid festival goer, Valentine set out to create a line of prints worthy of Burning Man.

He also wanted to create a quality product that lasts—it’s why we always use high-performance fabrics and superior stitching techniques. Moisture-wicking technology keeps you dry through intense workouts (or intense dance sessions).

And with an open pocket for your phone, a zipper pocket for valuables, and a loop in the back for your shirt or towel, our meggings are super functional.

Yes, Guys Can Wear Spandex, Too

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At Matador, we’re about debunking the myth that guys can’t wear spandex. As a writer for Men’s Journal put it, “Matadors wear incredibly tight-fitting clothing and there is nothing feminine about them…if [they] can stare down a bull in spandex, why can’t a man do some bench presses in them?”

Or, as Valentine likes to say:

“Name one superhero who doesn’t wear spandex. I’ll wait.”

We’re Building an Inclusive Community

We’re not just about hawking merch at Matador. Our company is about personal empowerment, brotherhood, and inclusion. We welcome everyone into our athleisurewear community.

While our men’s leggings are a “gendered product” designed specifically to fit, flatter, and support the male body, they’re for everyone.

We respect everyone’s gender identity and have a large client base of trans men who love the additional room our leggings provide in the crotch—and the concealing modesty pad.

Where We’re Going

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The team at Matador has big ambitions. Recently we launched a wholesale buying program for boutiques and department stores, and we’re working on expanding into the EU. We want to take our men’s leggings—and our supportive community—global.

Our success confirms what our founder suspected all along—that guys want quality-made leggings designed specifically for the male body.

Check out our full collection of meggings, shorts, tops, masks, and accessories, and stay up to date on all the latest on our blog.

Thank you for being a part of the Matador family!