Navy Collection

The Men’s Navy Leggings Collection

Men's leggings? Yes, you're in the right place! Welcome to the world of meggings, where comfort, technology and style become one. We call it meggings because it’s the 2020s.

A Collection for Everyone

Matador Meggings has reimagined men's tights. Whether you’re a fan of loud and bold prints, or prefer a basic style that simply does the job, there’s a pair of men's compression pants for you. Our sweat-wicking men's leggings are made with performance fabric and bold designs that are perfect for working out, yoga, running, boxing, dancing, festivals, and the streets.

Leggings For Men

Our high performance compression pants are designed for male anatomy. They offer a soft molded crotch cup so you can focus on the task ahead. You no longer need to wear shorts over your meggings. If you're feeling bold and brave, you can easily remove the crotch cup to flaunt your money-maker and give people the show they've been waiting for. The stage is yours!

Men's Tights Shorts

Just like our regular men’s running pants, the padded mens cycling shorts feature a soft molded crotch cup (aka. modesty pad) concealing your pocket rocket so you no longer need to wear anything over them.

Mens Cycling Shorts With Pockets

The collection offers several benefits: an open pocket for your phone, a zipper pocket for your valuables and a shirt/towel loop on the back to hang your gym towel or shirt when you go for a run.

What Type of Top to Wear With Leggings

The tops and leggings fashion collection comes in a variety of designs, matching our meggings’ prints. Wear a total look and be the center of attention wherever you go.


There are Navy/Navy shorts, Navy/Blue Shorts, and Navy leggings within the Navy Collection.

You can wear men's leggings whichever you like! Any other outfit can be coordinated with the darker navy shade.

Men's leggings embrace and accentuate your contours while also supporting your muscles, promoting flexibility, and reducing soreness.

Men’s leggings are great for yoga! The polyester and lycra blend makes them flexible and adequate for any pose

Yes! One of the best characteristics of navy men’s leggings is that they are elastic and stretchy.