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Product Spotlight: Sky Meggings

Matador Meggings doesn’t just bring you practical workout wear that lets you concentrate on your goals, not your bulge. We infuse the style and charm of the classic matador into every design. Today we’re taking a longer look at our Sky Meggings- simple, bright and perfect for your workout.

Our Sky Meggings

Who doesn’t love the sky, right? Whether it’s the sensation of running through open fields instead of your usual urban route, or the Zen of a perfect yoga flow, these pants speak to it. Why not break out of the ‘guy’ mold and put down those boring designs? Add some color and vibrancy to your workout with these whimsical, fun, workout men's workout tights.
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Product Features

Matador Meggings aren’t your father’s running tight! We’ve taken care to create a product that wicks away sweat and odor, keeping you feeling as good as you look. But we didn’t stop there, either.

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We designed our soft-cup crotch to ensure you’re comfortable without any necessarily exposing your bulge. Our hidden drawstring will also keep your pants form-fitting and slip-resistant, so no plumber’s cleavage worries here! In the meantime, our zippered and unzippered pockets will stash your valuables safely and our towel loop ensures you'll always have a place to secure your shirt and/or workout towel.

Benefits of Compression Pants

As a man, compression and your vulnerable bits are probably the very last thing you want to hear in the same sentence, right! Don’t worry. Far from squashing the family jewels, men's compression pants are more like an all-body hug. It helps support muscles and enhances blood flow, reducing injury. Recovery is faster, too, thanks to that blood flow. And by remaining ‘one’ with your skin, it cuts down on discomfort and chafing, too.

How & When to Wear

Bright and bold, the Sky Meggings aren’t just for the gym! Although we’re sure they will be a hit there too, you can take your men’s tights anywhere you go. Still on the fence? Why not try your new Matador look at some of these events?
  • On your adventures: Anything your pants can do, Meggings can do better! Take the comfort, discretion, and style to festivals, camping, or make it part of your performance wardrobe. Or wear it around the house. It’s too comfortable to waste.
  • Into the woods: Whether it’s trail running, hiking, or competing in a tough mudder, Matador will keep you safe and looking great too
  • Into the ocean: The woods not your scene? Men’s meggings also perform fantastically as water gear. Robust enough to hold up to salt, form-fitting for safe swimming, and quick-drying, they’ll soon be your sea-and-surf pals
  • Onto 2 wheels: Meggings will be your cycling go-to, but they’re also fantastic on motorbikes.
  • Onto your mat: A yoga fanatic? Try your new pants out!

men's blue leggings

What Are Customers Say About Matador

So that’s the buzz behind our men’s workout tights. We don’t just expect you to listen to us, however! Here’s just a sample of what Matador fans have to say.
  • "Absolutely in love with my Sky meggings. They are sleek, sexy and incredibly confidence building. The pockets are a great plus and use them all the time. So comfortable and not restrictive on movements in any direction. Very supportive and definitely do not need to wear anything with them for support. The sales team was fantastically supportive in helping with select the correct size. Wear them to the gym and out and about in town and to the store. Got some great compliments and looks. Thanks so much for designing meggings that assists in strengthening myself confidence." ~Walter S.
  • "My go to gear! My new ‘go to’ running gear, highly recommend if you don’t read any further. I ordered my meggings for running, specifically for an upcoming half marathon. I’ve owned other leggings but rarely wore them because of the ‘VPL’ issues. These were, in a word, perfect!!! Not only do they eliminate the ‘VPL’ issue but they fit great. The well thought out and designed pockets and loop in the back are genius. Easily and very comfortably stored my nutrition packs, phone (12 max/big), money, and mask. I was able to successfully set a new half marathon PR in comfort with no chafing issues, that states it all. I’ll add one more thing. The response time via email from the company is less than 24 hours. I reached out initially because I forgot to add in a discount code. They responded and got it added almost immediately. Then my friend ordered a pair after hearing about mine. Again, sent them the referral information and boom, done! Buy these now!!" ~Ashley S.

Product Fun Facts

Did you know, in certain circles, that ‘sky-clad’ means exercising or dancing in the buff? Don’t worry! While men’s gym tights are very form-fitting, you won’t look or feel like you’re naked with the Sky Meggings. In fact, our comfort cup will keep your package tamed and discrete keeping your mind (and the minds of those around you) on the workout.

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Matador Meggings may be our go-to product, but there’s plenty more to love! Why not try these unique Matador pieces in your gym wardrobe today?

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Drawing inspiration from the beautiful gymnasiums of the Roman Empire, this elegant and soothing shorts design is a perfect match to your new Sky Meggings. Take the same Matador comfort and style into even the hottest weather.

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Keen to build up a Zen-inspired, practical workout wardrobe? Add the Pebbles Meggings to your cart alongside the Sky Meggings, and you’ll soon have the tranquil vibes of these unique designs to keep you focused on your goals.

Product #3 - Bright Blue Muscle Shirt

Stand out from the crowd in this bold and bright statement muscle shirt. Built with the same Matador practicality in mind, this show-stopping color will perfectly complement your new men’s leggings, and prove a versatile wardrobe addition.

Introduction to Matador

No matter what your need, Matador has you covered. Quite literally, in the case of our comfort cup! We’re proud to bring you the best of men’s compression pants, in a stylish and comfortable package. Boost your athletic game and look great doing so- that’s the Matador Megging difference.