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Navy Meggings: Product Overview

Matador Meggings is proud to bring you a range of athleisure gear made with men’s needs in mind. While every men’s legging design in our range keeps you comfortable and discrete, empowering you to the best workout of your life, we firmly believe you should feel good in your gear too. It’s hard to ignore the classic allure of navy, which is why we designed this simple, clean, and oh-so-stylish pair just for you.

Our Navy/Navy Meggings

Sleek, classic elegance awaits you with this pair of Matador Meggings. Men’s tights have never looked so crisp and clean. It’s stylish, it’s suave, and it's perfect for you. What more can we say?
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Product Features

Matador Meggings may be stylish, but they come armed to the teeth with practical features too. Keep the wallet and phone safe with reinforced, tough zippered and unzippered pockets. Keep your other valuables safe (and your cheeks free of embarrassment) with our unique soft cup crotch technology. No need to shroud your groin in uncomfortable layers just to keep it tamed. Add the soft cup for ultimate in (good-looking) discretion or take it out to make a bigger statement. Rest assured the inner drawstring and non-slip band will make sure nothing flashes, rolls, or bunches, too.
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Benefits of Men's Leggings

Why choose men’s compression pants, anyway? If you were worried they were going to ‘compress’ the family jewels, think again! In fact, the careful Megging design is way, way better than tight Levis for your joystick and friends. Our compression pants for men are more like a gentle hug than a vice grip, and it has many benefits for active people. The support and stabilization can help avoid some minor injuries, and it’s good for blood flow too, keeping you warm as you work and aiding recovery. It also vastly cuts down on chafing and discomfort. 
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How & When to Wear

Honestly, we’re not here to tell you where to wear your workout pants! That’s up to you. But once you try on a pair of Matador Meggings, you’ll realize they aren’t just for the gym!
  • Take them to yoga class or sports
  • Wear them around the house
  • Rock them at stage gigs where you want to be comfortable and stylish
  • Head out on a run or bike with then
  • Wear them under motorcycle gear for warmth
  • Get active on hiking trails
  • Use them as water gear for swimming and watersports
  • Take them with you when you enjoy adventure sports
No matter where you wear them, Matador has you covered!

What Are Customers Saying About Matador?

We aren’t asking you to believe us with no proof! Here’s what just a few of our many happy customers have to say.
  • "Love them! I'm an older guy (52 today!), and I wear leggings when I workout. I love these for a variety of reasons. One, the drawstring is great as I find I don't have to constantly tug these ones up. Very big positive for me as I've owned other leggings with drawstrings and they aren't even close. Because I workout at lunch during work, I'm supposed to have my keys and phone on me for a quick call. The pockets take care of both those issues for me. I love the towel loop as I am a sweaty dude and need to keep a towel handy. And of course, the fit. Comfiest leggings out there. I would even wear these for recovery days or when I have to fly. Thank you for such a great product. I will be ordering more."  ~Ben B.
  • "I got these and was a little unsure/insecure because I'm straight. But these fit and feel awesome, and my girl loves my ass in them so win win! lol My advice to other guys is, just be confident and wear em, none of this "under shorts" crap. I wear them for running and they're really comfortable - and great for the cold weather!"  ~Mark M.

Product Fun acts

Did you know that navy, not black, is actually the most recommended color for men’s wardrobes? Black 3-piece suits make you look like an undertaker and are pretty brutal on many skin and hair colorations. Navy, on the other hand, is practical and discrete, appropriate for everything from the boardroom to the dance floor, and very complimentary to most men’s skin tones. Be you darkest ebony or pale ivory, it can make you shine!
While the boardroom may be the one place you can’t take our men’s running tights (yet), you can harness that same style and power for yourself, and look dashing no matter where you take your meggings. Combined with our VPL technology and comfort, you’ll feel Bond-like suave sophistication in every room!

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With the simple, sleek, and classic look of your new Navy/Navy Matador men’s compression pants, you can’t just stop there. We have a full range of gear you’re sure to love, so why not find yourself some extras for your workout wardrobe?

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Black and red is another classic combination that just can’t be beaten. We know it can be tough as a man to summon the courage to wear clothes that are tight and short, so going with a suave design like this one could be the extra confidence you need to show off those calves!

Product #2 - Silky White Tank

White and navy is a color combo you just can’t beat! With the same Matador care in manufacture, this white tank is also more practical than you may think. Elevate your workout wardrobe with this super-special pair.

Product #3 - Granite Meggings

Want to try something a little bolder and louder, but not too sure how to wear a bright pattern? Why not start with the Granite Meggings. They have the same color spectrum as your Navy/Navy men’s running tights, but a little more pizazz for when you want to stand out.

Introduction to Matador

Discover the Matador difference today. Wear your men’s leggings anywhere you want without embarrassment or issue- and you’ll look great doing it, too. Reinvent the way you exercise with Matador's leggings for men.