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Product Spotlight: Blue Camo Meggings

What makes our Blue Camo men's leggings the right choice for an active man? While all of Matador’s specially-designed men's meggings offer the same comfort features, each comes imbued with its very own style for the man who knows what he wants. 

Our Blue Camo Meggings

Old school camo with a new school twist. Did you know that blue camo was never meant to hide in a crowd? With the prototype design made for the navy, it’s supposed to be practical, hide stains, and look good. What more could an active guy ask for?
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Product Features

Every one of Matador's men's leggings comes with style and built-in convenience. Of course, we’ve banished VPL (visible penis line) for good, instead providing you with built-in support and comfort in one. Pop the padded cup out for an extra tight line or leave it in and have full peace of mind. Add to that a drawstring that makes sure our leggings never slip at the back and a loop at the back for your shirt/towel. Zippered and unzippered security pouches keep your valuables secure.
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Benefits of Men's Leggings

What’s good about men’s leggings? It’s easier to say what isn’t! Seriously, though. Compression gear helps keep muscles warm and encourages both support and blood flow. They also encourage muscle activation. Add to that the fact that form-fitting, supportive layers don’t chafe or slide, and you have a recipe made in sports heaven.
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How & When to Wear

While Matador’s lines were designed with the sportsman in mind, our unique blend of style and comfort makes them practical for anywhere
  • Classes and teams: No VPL (visible penis line), top-notch performance, and hard-wearing fabric means you can use it in any sporting activity, from yoga to aerobics class or benching weights.
  • Water sports: Quick dry technology, comfort and flexibility, and durability make men’s workout tights perfect for diving, snorkeling, swimming, surfing...anything that sees you in the water.
  • Leisure activities: Wear your meggings to events, festivals, heck- take them on stage! With style and comfort in equal measure, you’ll always stand out your way.
On the trails: From the running track to the hiking trail, Matador will be ready to go when you are.

What Are Customers Say About Matador

Let’s not just hear from us, however! Here’s some customer reviews for Matador Meggings you’re sure to love:
  • "These were the second pair of meggings I bought from this company. They are very comfy and a little thicker material then some. So they could be worn other places besides not just running because of thicker material. The quality is great. So when wearing even if it is a little cooler will help keep you warm. At first I thought the first thing I would do would be to remove the soft crotch cup but since actually have worn have left it in. I do wear a longer T-shirt anyway. I use mostly for running, and the pockets make these as well as my other pair my go to running attire." ~Charles T.
  • "100% recommend! "No other men's leggings like them. The price reflects the amazing quality and care gone into making them. Shipping was extremely fast. I would 100% recommend. Can't wait to get more" ~Jesse C.
  • "Love them! I'm an older guy (52 today!), and I wear leggings when I workout. I love these for a variety of reasons. One, the drawstring is great as I find I don't have to constantly tug these ones up. Very big positive for me as I've owned other leggings with drawstrings and they aren't even close. Because I workout at lunch during work, I'm supposed to have my keys and phone on me for a quick call. The pockets take care of both those issues for me. I love the towel loop as I am a sweaty dude and need to keep a towel handy. And of course, the fit. Comfiest leggings out there. I would even wear these for recovery days or when I have to fly. Thank you for such a great product. I will be ordering more." ~Ben B.

Product Fun Facts

We mentioned this design takes its inspiration from the navy, right? Did you know athletic sports have been a huge part of Navy life for centuries? It was seen as a great way to boost morale and keep people fit. 
We don’t have to be in the armed services to enjoy sports today, of course! Yet Matador Meggings and Naval Sports share one thing in common- we want you to stay fit and look smart doing it. Luckily, with your new men’s gym tights in the bag, it’s never been easier. 

What Our Customers Say About Matador

While Matador Meggings are our main product line, we know men want easy, convenient sportswear at their fingertips. From our comfortable shirts to our matching shorts range, you’re sure to find something you love. Why not try these on for size?

Product #1 - Gray Camo Meggings

Like the camo motif? Then these Gray Camo Meggings are sure to tick all the right boxes. Keeping the same motif, but bringing a fresh vibe to the table, add these to your wardrobe today. 

Product #2 - Silky Ash Blue Shirt

The Silky Ash Blue Shirt makes a great match for your Blue Camo Meggings, so why not take this one for a spin on the tracks.

Product #3 - Navy and Blue Shorts

Get some summer mileage courtesy of Matador! These shorts beautifully combine style and class, leaving you with all the same benefits as your men’s meggings, but even cooler. Show off those toned calves today!

Introduction to Matador

It’s our mission at Matador to reinvent men’s athleisure for a generation that loves practical designs and stylish prints. Banish your fears about wearing men’s tights in public, knowing we have you covered (literally). It’s time to think about you, your look, and your game- let Matador handle the rest!