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Product Spotlight: Black Thunder Meggings

Welcome to Matador Meggings, where style and comfort intersect! Our men's leggings are specially designed to keep you comfortable and discrete, no matter where your sport takes you, while still catering to style. What makes the Black Thunder Meggings so special? Let’s take a look.

Our Black Thunder Meggings

Do you dig the classy monochrome tone? Or do you want to pump up your game with a little inspiration? Or perhaps you’re just looking for quality men’s compression pants that work to support you where it counts? These zingers are sure to entice you, no matter what you want in your athleisure style game.
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Product Features

Style matters, but we know it’s not the only thing that does. You want well-designed workout wear that has your needs in mind. Every pair of Matador Meggings delivers just that. From our convenient towel/shirt loop, through to our zippered and unzippered valuables pockets, we have peace of mind covered. Add to that our unique soft-cup technology, and you’re guaranteed nothing will bulge without you wanting it too! We’ve added a discrete drawstring for a tailored fit that can’t slip, and the comfort and support of true men's compression pants.
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Benefits of Compression Tights

What makes men's compression tights the new must-have, though? This new sports innovation has been found to encourage quicker recovery through increased support and blood flow to your muscles. It also cuts down on chafing and discomfort, allowing you to focus on your game. Plus, you’ll find it keeps you warmer and allows you to work at your best. What more could you want in your men’s tights?
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How & When to Wear

Our unique men’s workout tights are designed to be long-lasting, durable, smell-free, and practical. While they’re perfect for benching reps or running laps, there’s a whole big, wide world out there Matador has you covered for. Not sure where to wear your men’s leggings? Let’s look!
  • Festivals and fun activities
  • On stage for a stylish touch
  • Scuba diving or swimming
  • Gym and sports activities
  • Yoga class or Tai Chi
  • Cycling, or on a motorbike
  • Hiking and trail-running or ‘tough mudders’
  • Simply for comfort
Matador Meggings can go everywhere with you!

What Are Customers Say About Matador

Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what some happy customers have to say:
  • "Excellent running tights: the material feels like silk, but breathes well and doesn't slip or bunch. The waistband sizing is consistent with other European brands I usually wear (UYN, Superdry), but the legs fit without compression. That pouch is pure genius. After experiencing the comfort of these tights, it's impossible to go back to others which squeeze your junk. The pockets work really well. The zipped one is big enough for my 6.5" smartphone and holds it in place better than any rear pocket ever did. Every detail of the tights has clearly be carefully considered. If they just had some reflective details, they would tick every box. And a matching "my eyes are up here" t-shirt ;) Customer service is also weirdly good - personable, reliable, efficient, thorough. A lost parcel was unhesitatingly replaced via express post. If you're ordering from Europe, I eagerly recommend paying the surcharge for premium shipping with DHL. It arrived in 4 days." ~Graham B.
  • "I got these and was a little unsure/insecure because I'm straight. But these fit and feel awesome, and my girl loves my ass in them so win win! lol My advice to other guys is, just be confident and wear em, none of this "under shorts" crap. I wear them for running and they're really comfortable - and great for the cold weather!" ~Mark M.

Product Fun Facts

While we love the style of the Black Thunder Meggings, thunderstorms aren’t so cool when you’re only halfway through your run, right? Runners often don’t know what to do when caught in an electrical storm. The answer is to keep running! That doesn’t mean finishing the lap, though, it means hauling your butt to shelter as fast as possible. While lightning strikes are a small risk, runners still do face that risk, so stay safe out there! And never, ever, shelter under a tree- head for the car or a building. 
Luckily, Matador has your back all the way there. That drawstring will make sure the rain doesn’t pull them down, and you’ll have the speed to get where you need to go. Plus they'll dry out in a jiffy!

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Introduction to Matador

Matador Meggings is men's athleisure at its best. From keeping you packing discretely in class, to helping you pump out those laps, we're proud to bring you the sportswear innovations you deserve. Why settle for mundane, when you could settle for the real Matador Megging?