compression shorts

Navy Blue Compression Shorts

Soothing, calming, and oh-so-cool. With Navy for sleek lines, and a pop of tranquil turquoise to lift the look, there's never been a better fit than these hot-to-trot Navy and Blue compression shorts for men from Matador. It’s time to experience the same design difference that makes Matador famous- now in a shorter length!

Navy Blue Shorts Meggings

These aren’t just navy compression shorts. These are a full-blown sporting experience. Custom-built with the male anatomy in mind, these compression shorts offer style, comfort, and discretion in one hard-wearing package. 

Product Features

You know Matador men’s leggings for their host of excellent features. These spiffy men’s compression shorts have all the same features you love from our Meggings. Towel and shirt loop? Yes. Excellent fit features like the concealed drawstring and no-slip waistband? All there. Same tidy pockets to keep your valuables secure? All present and accounted for. Plus, would it really be Matador if it didn’t have the comfort cup built-in to ensure your package befits a superhero, not the villain of the piece, no matter how hard you go.

Benefits of Compression Shorts

What does ‘the best compression shorts for men’ even mean? If you have images of your junk squeezed in a vice, rest assured, that’s not the plan! Think of compression technology as a warm hug for your muscles. This light support helps minimize injuries, stimulate blood flow, and keep your muscles warm and ready to go. 

How & When to Wear

Don’t let us stop you from wearing your men’s tights and shorts wherever you want! Matador is proud to offer a versatile product that will live right alongside you. This shorter style, however, is fantastic for hot-weather sports, whether that’s kicking a ball around or running laps on the track. They also make for a fantastic pool- and beach companion, fitting in to the more casual look. Dancers will also love htem. While we wouldn’t really advise rolling down to the grocery store at 2am in them (at least not until it’s full summer), they also make a great fashion choice wherever you can wear shorts, too.

What Our Customers Say About Matador

My go to gear! My new ‘go to’ running gear, highly recommend if you don’t read any further. I ordered my meggings for running, specifically for an upcoming half marathon. I’ve owned other leggings but rarely wore them because of the ‘VPL’ issues. These were, in a word, perfect!!! Not only do they eliminate the ‘VPL’ issue but they fit great. The well thought out and designed pockets and loop in the back are genius. Easily and very comfortably stored my nutrition packs, phone (12 max/big), money, and mask. I was able to successfully set a new half marathon PR in comfort with no chafing issues, that states it all. I’ll add one more thing. The response time via email from the company is less than 24 hours. I reached out initially because I forgot to add in a discount code. They responded and got it added almost immediately. Then my friend ordered a pair after hearing about mine. Again, sent them the referral information and boom, done! Buy these now!!
~Ashley S.
"Super soft. I love the pockets. They held up great on a run too. I love the cup design to add or remove it."
~Robert L.
These meggings are a fantastic!!! I ordered some for my husband and they fit perfectly. The material is very breathable and compresses in the right spots. Perfect for leg workouts or just to wear around the house. Highly recommend these products!
~Daniel C.

Product Fun Facts

We know you’re buying Matador’s fashion because you don’t want the stress of your package hanging loose and free in public, but did you know that blue tones like this combo are actually fantastic stress soothers, too? The human brain just digs these soft, measured tones. If you like to zone out and get into the groove when you exercise, or you are working on your mindfulness for yoga, this might be the best possible companion for you.

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Introduction to Matador

Matador has you covered, no matter where you go. With our fun, flirty, and funky range of men’s leggings, you can find the perfect companion for any adventure. Whether you just want a hot look, or are cruising for workout wear for the gym, track, hiking trail, snorkeling, or any other adventure, we’ve got just what you need. Designed by an active man for active men, Matador meggings, long or short, are comfortable, stylish, practical, discrete, and sexy- what more could you want?