The Evolution of Meggings

The Evolution of Meggings

Meggings are a novel concept, right?

Not quite…

The word may be a new addition to your vocabulary, but the concept of men’s leggings and compression tights date back to the 14th century (at least).

From matadors sporting bedazzled leggings during bullfights to knights in shining leggings, our newest presentation explores the unique history of our flagship product.


Matador Meggings' Evolution of Meggings

Meggings 101: Introduction to Men's Leggings

“Meggings” are men’s leggings—their name is a portmanteau of “men’s” and “leggings.” While anyone can wear leggings, meggings are designed specifically to meet the anatomy and the needs of men (body shape, style preferences, etc.). For example, Matador Meggings are made with the unique challenges of men’s naughty bits in mind.

Matadors: The OGs of Meggings

The inspiration for our company name and signature horn stripe design is the matador, or bullfighter. This traditional event called "toreo" (a.k.a. bullfighting) requires agility and speed, so lightweight, flexible, comfortable clothing is crucial. The traditional tight pants (called “taleguilla”) were cropped just below the knee and bore elaborate decorative embroidery.

14th Century Menswear

In the 1500s, Scottish men wore one of the earliest forms of leggings for both casual and military purposes. These were usually made from leather or chainmail and worn as separate pieces (almost like tall, thick stockings). Men rocked it first—the leggings trend wouldn’t take off among women until the 19th century or so.

Multipurpose and Misunderstood

Over the years, leggings have been worn by both men and women for a wide variety of purposes: Armor, Fashion, Protection from the elements, Up-skirt perv protection, 1980s mall rat uniform. As casual men’s clothing trended toward a looser fit, leggings were generally considered “girly.”

Meggings Persist in Athletics

Though men’s leggings eventually faded somewhat from everyday fashion, they have remained valuable as athletic wear. Stretchy fabrics and innovative leggings design have continued to improve comfort—and possibly performance—for male athletes. Meggings have also stayed popular for personal fitness (running, gym workouts, yoga, etc.).

A Triumphant Return to Men’s Fashion

Men’s tights, leggings, compression pants, and other fitted pants are once again deemed fashionable, appearing on runways and gorgeous glutes everywhere.
Men’s leggings are also still popular for athletics, showing up regularly in gyms and on fields. The LGBT community has been instrumental in meggings’ revival, perhaps in part because they’ve ignored the silly gender boundaries that called leggings a women’s trend.

Matador Meggings Is Making History

We’ve taken the resurgence of meggings fashion as an opportunity to reinvent them for the modern man. In addition to bold designs and moisture-wicking fabric, we’ve added new practical features like: functional pockets (an open one for your phone and a zippered one for your valuables). a shirt/towel loop for secure storage, a game-changing molded insert that covers your crotch and prevents schlong-related Labyrinth flashbacks (if you’re into that, just remove it!)

Check ‘Em Out For Yourself

Matador Meggings is a unique clothing company specializing in stylish, comfortable, functional leggings for men. We combine quality performance fabrics, striking designs, and common sense to create meggings suitable for everything from running to relaxing.
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