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Underwear 101: Should I Wear Underwear With Leggings?

If it’s your first time trying on men’s leggings, you may be wondering exactly how to properly wear them. How do you style them, how do you use them to increase athletic performance, and most importantly, do guys wear underwear with leggings? Read this guide to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about pairing underwear with tights.

Do Guys Wear Underwear With Leggings?

Asking about underwear is one of the most common questions that men have when trying leggings for the first time. Although men have to wear underwear with 99% of the leggings on the market, you absolutely do not need to wear any underwear with Matador Meggings.

Not wearing underwear feels more comfortable and allows the leggings to fit your body in the most flattering and functional way possible. Compression tights and shorts are specifically designed to improve your circulation and wick moisture away from your skin. By wearing underwear, you reduce your breathability and add a bunchy, uncomfortable layer. There’s no better feeling than wearing spandex directly against your bare skin. Matador Meggings is the only brand of leggings that offers a built-in crotch cup to hide your VPL (Visible Penis Line) so that you can comfortably go commando.

Embrace No-VPL Technology

Are you worried that not wearing underwear will leave you feeling exposed? Matador Meggings are designed with incredible No-VPL Technology. Our molded crotch cups effortlessly hide your package without looking awkward or adding any discomfort. When you wear Matador Meggings, there’s no need to wear any underwear at all. Complete support, privacy, and comfort are built right into the garment.

Seeing underwear lines underneath leggings is not a cool look. Wearing underwear ruins the sleek, smooth lines that you can typically expect to see on a man in meggings. Embracing No-VPL Technology will drastically increase your sex appeal.

Underwear Options for Men’s Leggings

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As a general rule, you do not need to wear underwear with leggings; however, some people choose to anyway. Matador Meggings are high quality and equipped with a crotch-concealing cup, but other legging brands may leave you longing for an extra layer of protection. If you do decide to pair underwear with running tights, consider the following options for the best results:

  • Jockstrap
  • Athletic underwear
  • Thong

Who Should Wear a Jockstrap?

Athletes often wear compression shorts or leggings because they provide a wide range of benefits that improve performance and recovery. If you are focused on fitness, you could consider pairing a jockstrap with your meggings.

Why do athletes wear jockstraps? This accessory has a more important purpose than simple modesty. Jockstraps reduce your risk of injuring your most sensitive area during high-impact sports or risky activities. If there’s a chance your manhood could be hit, it’s a good idea to wear a jockstrap under your tights.

Reasons to Choose Matador

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When it comes to wearing running tights without underwear, Matador Meggings is the best choice. Our leggings are designed to provide comfort, support, and modesty. Once you feel our premium, sweat-wicking fabric against your skin, you’ll never want to wear underwear again.

Matador Meggings is on a mission to create the most stylish and functional athleisure wear on the market for men. Our leggings include pockets, a towel loop, an inner drawstring, and more. Best of all, our meggings feature a molded crotch cup that gives you the confidence to go commando anywhere. Browse our selection of leggings and compression shorts to learn more about our No-VPL Technology.