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Sustainable Fashion: How Wearing Meggings Can Help Save The Planet

Matador Meggings Sustainable Fashion


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As a conscientious consumer, you try to choose the products that are safest for your family and the environment. What you might not realize, however, is the impact something as small as your choice in men’s leggings can have. By buying from a sustainability-focused company, you can reduce your impact on the environment and push the fashion industry in a better direction.

Sustainability 101

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword—it’s one of the most important elements of making real environmental change. Simply put, sustainability is about making sure something can continue without using up the planet’s finite natural resources.

A process that contributes to this depletion of resources is considered unsustainable, as it will all come to a halt when those resources are gone. Other things that rely on those resources will also come to a halt, with potentially disastrous consequences for humanity. By making choices that minimize resource depletion, companies like Matador Meggings are fostering greater environmental and social responsibility.

Our Meggings Are Truly Sustainable Fashion

At Matador Meggings, we’ve ensured that our manufacturing partner uses thorough sustainable development practices throughout the production process.

Practices include:

Use of recycled materials

Sustainable fashion starts with responsible sourcing. Our manufacturer uses polyester chips from recycled plastic bottles to create recycled polyester yarn. We’re turning garbage into fashion!

Energy efficiency

The recycled polyester material takes significantly less energy to produce, reducing CO2 emissions to zero.

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Clean chemicals

99% of chemical inputs are permitted by their strict Chemical Management System. As a result, all products are OEKO-TEX certified as safe for human skin contact.

Environmental preservation

Our manufacturer preserves the environment by focusing on efficient use of water, eco-friendly input materials, and proper management of emissions and waste.

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Water recycling and treatment

A state-of-the-art on-site water recycling plant treats 100% of the water used in the production of our meggings.

Stringent monitoring

Our manufacturer’s facilities go above and beyond international control standards, ensuring that all chemicals are safe and being used appropriately. An on-site laboratory allows them to maintain complete control over these aspects.

Up-to-date certification

They maintain a variety of certifications and standards for safe, responsible textile production, including OEKO-TEX STD 100, ASTM, ISO, and AATC.

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Our production partner is able to create incredible moisture-wicking, stain-resistant fabrics for our meggings, all while minimizing resource use and carbon output. It’s truly a win-win, and companies like ours are proving that businesses can do the right thing for the environment without sacrificing on quality and innovation.

Wearing Matador Meggings means you’re supporting a business that works hard to be sustainable and ecologically sound. You’re also going to get better performance and longer wear out of our leggings than you would with a cheap department store pair. With our strategic design, you’ll be able to rely on the same pair of leggings for much longer, reducing your personal trash output and your impact on production resources.

About Matador Meggings

Matador Meggings is a fast-growing men’s athletic leggings company that’s disrupting the industry. Our meggings are designed specifically for the male body and have practical features for storage and comfort such as an open pocket for your phone, a zipper pocket for valuables, an inner drawstring for extra security, and a t-shirt/towel loop at the back. As a company, we’re creating a community centered around values like openness, kindness, brotherhood, and social and environmental responsibility.

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