Pan Visibility Day is May 24th

Pan Visibility Day is May 24th

Pan Visibility Day Is About Dignity and Respect

Everyone deserves to be treated well, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

May 24th is Pansexual and Panromantic Visibility Day.

Keep reading to learn what it means to be pansexual or panromantic and why we need a special day of visibility for those who identify as pan.


Two pansexual people hugging one another

Panromantic: What Is It?

Panromantic means a person is romantically attracted to people of all gender identities.

In other words, gender doesn’t really factor into their romantic attraction to another person.

But that doesn’t mean someone who is panromantic is attracted to everyone.

Two pansexual people holding hands in the winter

What's Pansexual?

People who identify as pansexual can feel sexual attraction to people of all gender identities. This includes agender people, who don’t identify with any gender.

Being sexually attracted to someone is not the same as romantic attraction.

A person can be both pansexual and panromantic. In which case, they might simply refer to themselves as “pan.”

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Pansexual vs. Bisexual:

Pansexual and bisexual are often confused. While they share some similarities, they’re not the same.

Pansexual means a person is attracted to people of all genders.

Bisexuality means different things to different people. Some people who identify as bisexual are attracted only to men and women; others are also attracted to nonbinary people.

Some people describe themselves as both pansexual and bisexual.

Bearded pansexual man kissing another man

Other Ways to Experience Attration

Part of what makes being human so special is the incredible diversity of our experience.

In addition to many kinds of sexual and romantic attraction, there’s also:

  • Platonic attraction (wanting friendship)
  • Sensual or physical attraction (wanting to touch, hold, or cuddle others)
  • Emotional attraction (wanting emotional connection)
  • Aesthetic attraction (being attracted to someone because of how they look)
Two old pansexual men sitting next to one another on grass

Busting a Harmful Myth

There’s a common myth that pansexual people  are less likely to be or remain monogamous. Yet there’s no evidence of this.

The stereotype that pan people are “promiscuous” is ultimately about trying to hurt their dignity.

Maybe the question we should be asking is: Whose business is it how many partners a person has, anyway?

Pansexual person of color wearing glasses and a rainbow shirt

Pansexual Celebrities

From Janelle Monáe to Sarah Paulson to Sia, celebrities are opening up about their sexual fluidity, helping move the conversation forward.

Miley Cyrus has been outspoken about her pansexuality. In a 2015 interview she talked about what being pan means to her and the importance of acceptance:

“People spend so much time judging others and judging ourselves…most of the time we don’t accept others because we don’t always accept ourselves.”

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