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Best Halloween Costumes With Matador Meggings

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Spooky season is right around the corner. Whether you want to look scary, sexy, or sweet, it’s time to start planning your Halloween costume. Check out these awesome costume ideas using Matador Meggings for inspiration.


Aquaman or Poseidon

The ocean is filled with powerful, mysterious creatures. If you want to feel like the ruler of the seas, try dressing as a merman. These meggings are also perfect for Aquaman or Poseidon costumes.

    merman leggings

    GI Joe

    Our privates are standing at attention! These camo meggings will elevate your soldier costume and take you to the next level of hotness. Pair these bottoms with boots and dog tags for a complete look.

      camo meggings

      Kill Bill

      If you’re a fan of Tarantino films, you may consider dressing as the iconic assassin from Kill Bill. Wearing yellow and black meggings with a matching yellow top will instantly transform you into this recognizable character.

          yellow and black meggings


          Thor is the God of Thunder in Norse mythology and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Dressing up as either version of this character is a shockingly good idea for Halloween! Wear black thunder meggings to let everyone know that you control the weather with your enchanted hammer.

            black thunder leggings


            Deadpool is everyone’s favorite funny, snarky, pansexual antihero. This beloved character is recognizable from his red and black suit and full-face mask. The red and black meggings are a great base for creating this superhero costume.

              red and black leggings

              Wild Cat

              Are you feeling frisky and flirty, or fierce and untamed? Unleash your inner wild cat with these sexy, stylish men’s tights. These meggings are perfect for dressing up as a leopard, cheetah, or any other powerful predator.

                wild cat leggings

                The Joker

                Why be a hero when you can be a villain? The Joker is the beloved nemesis of Batman, and the star of his own movie. These purple and black meggings will add a sexy touch to your Joker costume.

                  purple and black leggings

                  Eve's Serpent

                  Slither into the Halloween party this year looking sexy and mysterious. Snakes are exotic creatures that are feared and respected by many people. Pair these snake meggings with a matching mask to look like a serpent from head to toe.

                  snake skin leggings

                  Ancient Sculpture

                  If you’ve been working hard on your body and want to show it off, dress as a sexy ancient sculpture for Halloween. All you need is a chiseled chest and marble meggings to complete this costume. Once you’re all dressed up, you can strike a pose like a Greek God.

                  marble leggings

                  Uncle Sam

                  America is number one! Show off your rocking body and your American pride with these patriotic meggings. These sexy stars and stripes are perfect for dressing up as Uncle Sam.

                  patriotic leggings

                  Stoner Stud

                  Looking for a Halloween costume that’s smoking hot and dope as hell? Dress up with weed leggings for a sweet and sexy stoner look. These meggings come with a functional pocket, so you can easily and discreetly bring a joint or two to the party.

                  weed leggings


                  The Man of Steel is here to save the day! Superman is one of the most popular Halloween costumes, and for good reason. This character is widely beloved and is easy to dress as if you have blue meggings and a red cape.
                  blue and dark blue leggings

                  Rising Phoenix

                  When a phoenix rises from the ashes, they are more powerful than ever before. Celebrate your strength by dressing as a rising phoenix this year. Fiery starburst leggings are a great way to represent the ashes and embers.

                  starburst leggings

                  Rainbow Road

                  Are you a gaymer? Rainbow Road, the iconic course from the Mario Kart series, makes for a cute and funny Halloween costume. Dressing up as this legendary level will definitely get a laugh from the gaming community.

                  rainbow stone wall leggings

                  Harley Quinn

                  Are you Daddy’s lil monster? Harley Quinn is a beloved Gotham villain known for being as scary as she is sexy. You can use black and red meggings to create your own genderbend Harley Quinn cosplay.

                  black and red leggings

                  60s Hippie

                  Groovy, dude! Bring peace, love, and good vibes to the Halloween party by dressing as a 60s hippie. These tie-dye meggings are perfect for creating a retro costume.

                  tie-dye leggings


                  Ninjas are stealthy, sexy, and perfect for Halloween. This simple costume is easy to pull off if you have black meggings and a matching black mask.

                  solid black leggings

                  Proud Artist

                  Show off your creative side and display your pride at the same time by dressing in colorful Pride meggings. When paired with a beret and a paint palette, these leggings create an unmistakable artist costume.

                  pride leggings

                  Urban Warrior

                  Life can be tough, but you’re tougher. Wearing gray camo meggings highlights your strength while also showing off your unique sense of style. The urban warrior look is a one-of-a-kind costume.

                  gray camo leggings


                  Your costume looks out of this world! Surprise everyone this Halloween with an extraterrestrial visit from a creepy alien. Gray meggings are great bottoms for creating a complete alien look.

                  solid gray leggings

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