Man wearing Matador Meggings posing on the beach

Are Influencers the New Celebrities?

In the last decade or so, social media and content sharing websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have given ordinary people a global stage. Those who have a significant impact on their audience are called “influencers,” and they’re changing the world with their content.

Who They Are and How They Affect Society

Influencers exist across various topics. Fitness buffs, beauty gurus, home cooks, travel vloggers, spiritual mentors, and even Insta models can all be powerful influencers. They might directly or indirectly influence their followers to get in shape, travel the world or switch to an eco-friendly makeup brand. It turns spokesmodels and testimonials into something new entirely.

Is This the End of Celebrity—or Simply Your Time to Shine?

Social media has democratized fame. Celebrity influencers are common, but you don’t have to be a celebrity to play. We still love gawking at red carpet fashion, but we don’t look to those stars as we once did. Instead, we’re drawn to relatable content creators who feel more like peers and friends.

Stardom is changing. Celebrities and influencers are given an even playing field. If you’ve got a good platform and a strong message, you have what you need to share your passions and influence people for the better.

Influencers We Love and Support

We stand behind an influencer who does more than just post thirst traps (though we love those as much as anyone). If you have a voice, you can use it to make a difference. That’s just what these three influencers and Bulls of Matador Meggings are doing.

Will Hutcheson (IG: willhutcheson)

man doing Body Stretching Exercise

Will is a certified personal trainer and card-carrying ginger danger. Through his fitness instruction work, modeling, and social media, he inspires followers to get active, embrace life and celebrate the triumph that is the human body. He’s also got a fantastic butt that he enjoys showing off, which is its own persuasive argument.

TJ Chang (IG: tjchangfitness)

Parkour man doing tricks on the street

TJ is an energetic group fitness instructor and an avid cyclist. As well as teaching and inspiring people, he supports causes like Cycle for Survival, a charity ride that raises money for rare cancer research. He’s also got some unbelievable jumping shots on his Instagram, so it’s possible that he doesn’t know about gravity.

Adolfo Luna (IG: fitolunac)

muscular shirtless man posing in a Studio

Apparently carved from a single piece of marble by the Ecuadorian Michelangelo, Adolfo is a lawyer, blogger, traveler, and total sweetheart. On and offline, he’s inspiring others to explore the world and make it a better place. Sometimes that’s by fighting for democracy in his home country, other times it’s by looking hot in some meggings. He’s versatile.

Use Your Influence to Help Others and Become a Bull of Matador Meggings

If you’re an aspiring influencer, here’s a unique opportunity to gain visibility and make a difference. As a Bull of Matador Meggings, you can inspire people with your fit physique and share the benefits of meggings fashion that’s designed for men’s bodies.

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