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Black & Yellow Meggings: Product Overview

Are you on the market for men’s gym wear - but better? Then Matador Meggings are what you’ve been hoping for. Finally, there is a brand that unites men’s fashion with the very best of sporting tech to ensure you can work out and play hard, without having to worry about what’s showing, what’s chafing, and what’s going to bother you next. Just fun sporting fashion, your way. Not sure where to start? Why not try these black and yellow meggings from our collection?

The Best Men's Leggings

Looking for something that’s colorful and adventurous, without being too bold? Then these Black and Yellow men’s gym tights might be perfect for you. With the signature Matador spiral, evocative of the Bull within, you have the perfect blend of sleek elegance and colorful flair to play with. Plus, all the same fantastic features that make Matador a beloved men’s athleisure institution.

Product Features

Leggings for men just got bigger and bolder! Not only do Matador Meggings bring style and fit to the table, but they’ve also got a host of thoughtful features you’ll soon wonder how you lived without. We have a convenient shirt/towel loop so you can show off your sculpted abs without losing your gear, several zippered and unzippered pockets to stash your stuff, and a non-slip waistband and hidden drawstring to ensure no unintended butt cleavage ruins your day. Plus, of course, the very best of no-VPL (visible penis line) soft-cup technology to ensure your package stays presentable all workout through.

Benefits of Compression Pants

What makes men’s compression pants the smart athlete’s choice? Compression gear doesn’t grip your muscles like a vice. Think of it more like a warm, gentle hug- because that’s exactly what it does for your muscles. Providing light support, compression gear also helps encourage better blood flow. This means a faster warmup and a shorter post-workout recovery.

How & When to Wear

Our Black and Yellow Meggings bring you a versatile combination of sleek, subdued style without sacrificing personality. Outfit your whole track team or dance squad in this stylish look, or toss it in a backpack when you head out on your next adventure. They fit in everywhere with understated style and fantastic vibes, so wear them whenever and however you like. 

What Are Customers Saying About Matador?

What do the Bulls who wear them think of their men’s tights from Matador? Let’s take a peek!
"I absolutely love these meggings, the cup is brilliant and now I don't feel awkward with a pair of tights on in the gym. The extra pockets are such a big bonus and add a nice tech look to them. Material is great its like sweat wicking but cool on my skin. The draw strings are a must for me and I'm so glad the Meggings have them. BTW I wash them regularly with a gentle spin and don't have a single problem with cup or logo. Still looks brand new... All in all 5 star excellent product. Thank you for improving my leg days at the gym!"
~Arash V.
Excellent running tights: the material feels like silk, but breathes well and doesn't slip or bunch. The waistband sizing is consistent with other European brands I usually wear (UYN, Superdry), but the legs fit without compression. That pouch is pure genius. After experiencing the comfort of these tights, it's impossible to go back to others which squeeze your junk. The pockets work really well. The zipped one is big enough for my 6.5" smartphone and holds it in place better than any rear pocket ever did. Every detail of the tights has clearly be carefully considered. If they just had some reflective details, they would tick every box. And a matching "my eyes are up here" t-shirt ;) Customer service is also weirdly good - personable, reliable, efficient, thorough. A lost parcel was unhesitatingly replaced via express post. If you're ordering from Europe, I eagerly recommend paying the surcharge for premium shipping with DHL. It arrived in 4 days. 
~ Graham B.

Product Fun Facts

Want another good reason to try our Black and Yellow tights for men? Black and Yellow are a heavy-hitting pair, a combination that makes one of the strongest impacts possible on the eye. Yellow, in particular, is processed by the eye first, before any other, and is one of the most noticed parts of the color spectrum. That’s also why it’s used for emergency services, road dividers, caution signs, and rescue vehicles. We’re not saying your new men’s meggings will make you look so good you’ll need caution tape…but hey, the soft cup does come out if you want it to, too!
Products You Might Also Like
No man can do with just one pair of men’s leggings. Trust us! Once you experience the Matador difference, you’ll want a whole wardrobe full of comfort and convenience. It doesn’t matter whether you like sleek monochromes or bold, bright patterns, you’re sure to find something you love in the full megging range. Plus, we have lovely tees and shorts to add pep to your step.

Product #1 - Blue Camo Meggings

If you want to venture into men’s running tights that have a pattern, but don’t know where to start, why not try the blue camo meggings? The pattern is subtle and manly, but paired with a soft, attractive color they also look fun and light-hearted. If you’ve always felt confined to ‘dull’ colors, this is a great pair to start getting adventurous with. 

Product #2 - Black and Red shorts

If you’re looking for shorter men’s cycling tights, look no further! With a similar feel to your new Black and Yellow compression pants for men, but a jaunty, fresh color, you’ll have improved visibility and a cooler pant to enjoy on those long summer rides. Plus, they make great swimming trunks, too!

Product #3 - Black Silky Tee

Men’s yoga tights need a solid shirt to go with them- and this silky black tee is a perfect choice. Practical, comfortable, and versatile, it will go with anything- especially your new black and yellow leggings!

Introduction to Matador

Valentine Aseyo, creator of Matador Meggings, wants men to enjoy the very same perks female athletes and sportspeople can enjoy- fun, flirty, supportive gym fashion that helps them look and feel their best. Why should men have to work out in baggy, saggy gear just to remain discrete and socially acceptable? With the no-VPL tech covering your assets, and a huge range of designs to express your style, Matador Meggings are bound to become a staple in your wardrobe- why not try them today?