Men's Leggings With Pockets

Men's Leggings With Pockets

When Valentine Aeyo, the founder of Matador Meggings, came up with the idea of comfortable masculine men's leggings that didn't show off too much of the goods, he made sure they were functional. This included making men's leggings with pockets to hold a phone, an iPod, or anything else you might need when you are working out. Most of the time, workout wear for men either doesn't come with a pocket or pulls on the fabric so it slips when anything is put in the pocket.
The beauty of these leggings is that the waistband is tight enough to hold the fabric up when something is put in the pockets so they can be functional and you don't need to bother with pulling them up all the time.

When Pockets Are Invaluable

When you want to be as unencumbered as possible, pockets that are secure and deep on a pair of leggings are invaluable. Often you find pockets on men's sportswear to be too small to fit anything of value or too shallow that your electronics keep falling out. That means that if you want to be able to have anything on you like your phone, you have to wear it and that adds extra bulk when you don't want it.

The five F's of men's leggings

When Valentine wanted to find the perfect men's legging, he created his own guidelines and named them the five F's of men's leggings:


Men's sports leggings have everything you need for a day at the gym, the track, or dancing the night away. Some functional features of these leggings include:
  • Zipper pocket for valuables-have a secure place to put valuables so they don't get lost or stolen
  • Open pocket for electronics - use your iPod or phone for music or podcasts while you work out-slip waistband - forget about your shorts falling down with this waistband
  • Inner drawstring - as your belly gets tighter, so can your leggings
  • Soft cup concealing VPL - you don't need to worry about over-sharing
  • Sweat-wicking fabric - feel comfortable and cool in your leggings while you are sweating
  • Towel-loop - you don't need to look for your towel or t-shirt anymore because they are looped to your backside


These leggings aren't just functional, but come in so many different colors and patterns that you can have fun mixing and matching with tops and footwear.


These leggings don't only have to be worn during workouts or exercise classes; they are fashionable enough to be worn at any time.
Choose from any of these trendy colors:
  • black leggings for men
  • gray men's leggings
  • navy men's leggings
  • camo men's leggings
  • navy blue men's leggings
Or try them according to which activity you are using them for:
  • men's training leggings
  • men's running leggings
  • men's sports leggings
  • mens yoga leggings
  • mens thermal leggings
  • compression leggings for men


These men's leggings will boost your self-esteem, make you feel powerful, and make you look sexy! The men's navy leggings hug your backside and look fierce with a brightly colored top and some boldly printed runners.


These leggings will off your many fine curves and muscles and have others wondering what other assets you have hidden. The grey leggings for men hug you in all the right places and go with any color top.
These principles surround each legging and pair of compression shorts and it is what makes these products so unique.
Some activities where the functionality of a legging with pockets is useful include:


The fabric on men's gym leggings won't pull when you put your iPod in your pocket to do some reps. The only things you will be pulling up are barbells and not your shorts.


You can do a downward dog and not be afraid that your valuables will fall out when you zip them up in the secure pocket on your men's leggings. Not only are they functional, but you can choose from many colors such as:
  • black men's leggings
  • camo men's leggings
  • navy blue men's leggings
  • gray men's leggings
  • blue leggings for men


When you wear the gray leggings for men from Matador, the deep pockets and secure zipper will keep your keys, wallet and anything else you want to carry safe and secure.
Some other nice leggings for a jog include:
  • black leggings for men
  • navy men's leggings
  • compression leggings for men
  • men's running leggings
When you are looking for a fun way of expressing your personality but also want some functional activewear, give the sexy men's leggings a try.