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WOMEN SPOKE: Men in leggings are sexy AF!

What Do Women Think of Men Who Wear Leggings?


What's that he's wearing?

Leggings for men, also called meggings, are growing in popularity. People wear them because they’re bold, empowering, and comfortable. These form-fitting fashion statements are sure to turn heads if you’re wearing leggings in public. But what do women think of guys wearing leggings? You guessed it right; women are very attracted to men who wear tights.

    male model leaning against building while wearing peacock meggings

    Wow, he's confident!

    One of the hottest things about a man wearing a pair of leggings is his confidence. It takes a certain level of security to go outside of your comfort zone and wear something that pushes the boundaries of fashion. Meggings are a marker of confidence, courageousness, and presence of mind.

    “Few things in life are hotter than confident, sexy men in leggings.
    -Margaret, serial dater in Washington

      man wearing blue and dark blue leggings and sunglasses

      Aren't leggings a girl thing?

      If women can wear leggings, why can’t men? Confident guys do not allow themselves to be defined by gender norms and social constructs. Wearing meggings will let women know that you are self-assured and comfortable with yourself.

      man wearing star spangled banner leggings and flexing muscles

      Oh, he's stylish!

      Athleisure is currently one of the hottest trends in the fashion industry. Compression leggings and shorts continue to grow in popularity around the world. Fashion influencers, celebrities, and athletes all love to wear meggings. This bold athleisure wear creates a sleeker look than skinny jeans or slim-fit trousers.

      “I love when my boyfriend wears meggings! It’s honestly my favorite thing to see him in. I just think he looks cool and sort of like a superhero. And obviously his ass looks great.”
      -Madison, student in Texas

        male model wearing white marble meggings and a white tank top

        He looks comfy!

        If you want women to think that you’re trendy, fashionable, or stylish, investing in a pair of leggings is a good idea. To create a complete look, pair your meggings with a matching top and face mask. This simple, comfortable look is an easy way to elevate your entire appearance.

          male in gray tank hoodie wearing red and black meggings

          Ah, he's athletic!

          When women see a guy in leggings, they tend to assume that he is athletic, fit, and in good shape. Meggings are the perfect attire to wear for hitting the gym or going on a run. They offer ample range of motion and are made with sweat-wicking fabric.

          “My husband and I love to go to yoga Sunday mornings but gym shorts just weren't working for him. I got him a pair of leggings for his birthday and I've never seen him so happy! He's been doing lunges across our kitchen all morning and I have to say... I appreciate the view.”
          -Erika, married to a meggings aficionado in New York

            male model outdoors exercising while wearing solid black leggings

            Boyish benefits?

            There are a ton of benefits that come with wearing compression leggings to exercise. Women wearing leggings to the gym is the norm, so why should guys miss out on these benefits? If you usually wear shorts or joggers to exercise, try working out in meggings instead to see if you notice any difference. You’ll probably notice an improvement in your results, and you’ll definitely notice an increase in the number of women checking you out.

              two men exercising outdoors wearing red and black meggings

              Yum, he's sexy!

              Above all else, women think that men wearing leggings are sexy. High-performance compression fabric allows you to show off your body in the most flattering, form-fitting outfit possible. Women love to see a good-looking butt on display just as much as men.



              “I’m just saying, we as women wear leggings or things that accentuate our booty all the time but what about men? They are always in baggy stuff & their butts are never celebrated…. It’s 2021… lemme see that bootyyyy, boy!

              -Brittany, fitness instructor in California

              buff male stretching their legs next to a road sign

              He's got his toys hidden!

              Showing off the goods doesn’t have to mean giving up all your privacy or modesty. Matador Meggings has special No-VPL technology, which eliminates the issue of ‘visible penis lines’ in leggings. You can show off your toned legs, tight butt, and hot body while still leaving something to the imagination.

              muscular male wearing geometric meggings and leaning against a pink building

              He radiates confidence!

              The truth is, women are very attracted to men who wear leggings. Meggings radiate confidence, fashionability, athleticism, and sexiness. Are you ready to improve your look and turn up your sex appeal? Matador Meggings are the best choice for expressing yourself in the most attractive way possible to women. Browse our online catalogue now to see the wide range of choices available


              “Whoever said leggings were just for women were out of their minds. Men + leggings = sexy!

              -Candace, executive from Maryland

              man wearing glasses and blue ocean leggings next to boat

              Valentine Aseyo outside of a building wearing grey stonewall leggings for men

              About Matador Meggings:

              Matador Meggings is an athleisure brand on a mission to change men’s fashion. Our compression tights are designed to enhance your athletic performance, improve your appearance, and provide added functionality in your day-to-day life.

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              Why do women love men who wear meggings? Men in meggings are sexy, athletic, stylish, and confident. When you wear Matador Meggings, you show off that you’re a part of a community devoted to fitness, fashion, and authenticity.

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