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Top 10 Outdoor Adventures in Asia to Wear Travel Meggings

You spent a year stay put in your place. Now that you're vaxed, you're ready to go all out! Or at least be in nature and travel the world safely. Read on for our top suggestions to explore as the world is opens up and air travel picks up. 

With well over 17 million square miles, Asia comes in as the biggest continent in the world, taking around 30% of all the landmass on our planet. Stretching from Turkey in the west and almost touching Alaska at its easternmost point, it's also the most populated landmass in the world. In Asia, you can come across countless different religions and cultures, so it's no wonder that the continent is filled with top-rated touristic destinations.

But what if you're looking for a different kind of experience? What if the regular sightseeing and walking around just isn't enough for you? Well, you're not alone! Since we're not really up for conventional vacations, we've decided to check out some extraordinary outdoor adventures in Asia. In case you're planning to visit the largest continent, why not go all the way and experience it in the best possible way?

What to Wear on an Adventure Travel Trip to Asia?

Men’s Travel Meggings, duh! Nothing says "adventure" more than meggings. You can wear Matador Meggings for scuba diving, horseback riding, surfing, climbing, sky diving, and rafting.

There is no outdoor adventure where you can't sport your travel leggings. First, they're incredibly comfortable, and they’ve got your back when you're super active. Secondly, they're fun. If you're going to document every moment of your adventure on Instagram, you may as well look as cool as possible during the activity you're enjoying. Are we right or are we right?

We did some research, tried looking into all sorts of different stuff, and found something for everyone's tastes. Without further ado, here are the top 10 outdoor adventures in Asia, all sorted according to their significance, popularity, adrenaline level, and overall experience qualities.

1. Horse Trekking – Western Mongolia

If horse riding is more of your thing, then pack your bags and set out to Mongolia. There aren't any specific places we would single out here—the entire country provides an excellent setting for the lovers of this sport. Filled with vast steppes, you'll find outdoor adventure travel packages featuring more than one week of riding, going through the countless horse trails in western Mongolia. In addition, the scenery is just breathtaking, so this is a great deal for those who truly enjoy nature.

Man and woman horseback riding in Mongolia

2. Sandboarding – Mui Ne, Vietnam

In case you're a lover of snowboarding or surfing and are looking for a new thrill, then head over to the town of Mui Ne in Southeast Vietnam to find what all the fuss is about the whole sandboarding thing. The entire place is very famous for its sandy terrain and sandy dunes, providing a perfect setting for this somewhat unusual outdoor activity. In case you get tired of spending time on dunes that can reach scorching temperatures, head out to one of the town's beautiful sandy beaches to cool off.

Sandboarding at Mui Ne, Vietnam

3. Trekking – Myanmar

Since it's a country with over 100 different ethnic groups, Myanmar is a Southeast Asian jewel filled with many different cultures. There aren't any particular places we'd single out as the best for Asia trekking, but worth mentioning are Lashio, Hsipaw, Kalaw, Inle Lake, and Mindat. If you enjoy long hikes and beautiful scenery, these are the perfect places for you.

Tourists trekking to a mountain village in Myanmar

4. Ziplining – Angkor Wat, Cambodia

It's one thing to go ziplining somewhere not far from where you live, but it's an entirely different experience to do it at one of the largest and best-known temple complexes in the entire world. Located in Cambodia, it's one of the world's most important historical monuments and is on the UNESCO World Heritage site list. Just imagine how awesome ziplining at such a location would be!

Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia

5. Surfing – Bali, Indonesia

And now, something for surfers. Sure, both the Atlantic and the Pacific coasts in the U.S. provide some of the best-known surfing spots, along with the obligatory mention of Hawaii. But if you're a surfing fanatic who's planning to visit Asia, then look no further than the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali. One of the most famous spots is the Kusa beach, known for some of the best-quality surfing waves.

Of course, the island offers way more than just regular surfing adventures as both the natural and cultural landscapes are breathtaking. It is also the home to the rather unusual irrigation system dating back to the 9th century, and there are countless trekking tours worth mentioning as well.

Professional surfer riding the waves in Bali

6. Paragliding – Indian Himalayas

Are you scared of heights? Well, you're definitely not alone in this. However, you can tackle and conquer your fears by going to the Indian part of the Himalayas for some of the paragliding adventure trips available there.

The village of Bir and the area of Bir-Billing are one of the best-known paragliding spots in the world. What's more, it's pretty cheap compared to other paragliding adventure trips you'll find in Europe, America, or anywhere else.

The launch site is located at the height of around 2400 meters, giving you some of the most spectacular views that you can imagine. The flying season is in September and October, so make sure to mark your calendar in this part of the year.

Paragliding in the Indian Himalayas

7. Rafting – Luang Prabang, Laos

What would a true outdoor travel adventure be without going rafting at least once? If you're up for such an adventure and want to visit Asia, then pack your bags and head over to the northern part of Laos and the city of Luang Prabang.

The whole area is filled with numerous rivers, small waterfalls, and natural pools. The tours in this exotic part of Asia offer anything for rafting beginners up to full-blown professionals.

Panoramic landscape of the Luang Prabang, Laos

8. Scuba Diving – Apo Reef, Philippines

There's just something captivating about exploring the underwater landscapes filled with unusual flora and fauna. Talking about Asia travel and scuba diving, you must visit the Apo Reef in the Philippines. What makes the whole experience great is that this is the second biggest contiguous coral reef in the world, and it's pretty much one of the most vibrant ecosystems in the world.

You know those photos of people in full scuba gear swimming with large turtles? Well, that's what you can do at the Apo Reef.

Colorful tropical underwater coral reef in the Apo Reef

9. Climbing the Himalayas in Nepal

The very top of this list comes as no surprise. Talking about the outdoor adventure travel and Asia, the ultimate challenge would be to conquer the tallest mountain in the world—Mount Everest.

Of course, the whole thing is significantly more serious than all the other adventure trips that we’ve mentioned here. You're not advised to go there without adequate preparations, training, equipment, and support. Even if not focused on climbing to the very top of the Himalayas, people take this seriously and prepare for years before even deciding to buy a plane ticket to Nepal.

If you want at least some taste of it, there are some lighter routes to take, but bear in mind: You still need to be both physically and mentally prepared for such an outdoor trip adventure. It's not uncommon to hear of accidents and unfortunate deaths of even the more experienced travelers.

Panoramic view of the Himalayas

10. Skiing – Hakuba, Japan

For all the lovers of skiing, the Hakuba Valley in Japan is the Asia travel destination you'll want to check out. With almost 90 miles of ski pistes and well over 200 courses, it's one of the most exciting ski resorts in the entire continent. Also, you'll have an excellent opportunity to check out the best of Japan's cuisine in some of the more secluded and peaceful villages in the valley.

View of the Japanese Alps from Hakuba Valley

We hope you have enjoyed our top 10 list of Asia travel adventure trips for you to check out. Don’t forget to wear trendy and stylish men’s travel meggings no matter which adventure destinations you select.

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