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The 10 Best LGBTQ Podcasts of 2021

If you don’t listen to podcasts, you’re missing out on one of the best entertainment mediums around. And if you’re a fitness freak (you know who you are), there’s literally no better way to keep yourself amused while getting shredded at the gym.

The team at Matador Meggings has rounded up the 10 best LGBTQ podcasts of 2021 that make us laugh, cry, and put on our thinking caps. From pop culture to the queer Black experience to LGBTQ horror flicks, these queer podcasts cover the full spectrum of queer issues.

1: Food 4 Thot

In their weekly podcast, the multiracial writers who host Food 4 Thot chat about everything from sex to social justice to setting boundaries. In their own words: “Food 4 Thot – it’s like you’re on a really nice date…with a fun slut…who then gave you the clap…and then invoiced you for the date…and then completely forgot about you. That’s us!”

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2: Making Gay History

In more than 90 podcasts over eight seasons, Making Gay History offers intimate glimpses into the lives of gay rights activists, authors, scientists, witnesses, and visionaries who changed history. The ninth season—set to launch in June 2021, just in time for Pride month—will focus on the AIDS crisis as seen through the eyes of the podcast’s founder and host, Eric Marcus. Mark your calendar. In the meantime, catch up on past seasons.

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3: ScreamQueenz

ScreamQueenz is the twice-a-month podcast “where horror gets gay.” The hosts tour the world of horror through a gay lens. They cover all the subgenres, from slashers to sci-fi to “NOT a horror movie.” Seriously, could we ask for anything more?

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4: Gay Therapy LA

Hosted by licensed clinical social worker Ken Howard, Gay Therapy LA covers a broad range of topics, from money management to porn addiction to gay parenting. The host has more than 27 years of experience providing therapy services for gay men, both as individuals and couples. He offers his insights into the unique issues affecting single and partnered gay men.

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5: A Gay and a NonGay

UK’s #1 award-winning LGBTQ podcast is worth listening to just for the genteel accents and British humor. But you’ll get so much more from A Gay and a NonGay. The hosts dig deep into topics like homophobia and mental health, but skillfully temper heavy conversations with lighthearted chats about everything from dating to pop music.

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6: Rainbow Road

“Gaymers” everywhere, behold Rainbow Road! It’s a gaming podcast with a decidedly queer bend. Three times a month, gaymer hosts Travis and Mike gab about the characters and video game themes they love most, both among themselves and with guests. They occasionally stray from the gaming world to chat about Netflix series, video game movie adaptations, and more.

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7: Bad Gays

Everyone loves to hate bad guys—or in this case, bad gays. There’s no shortage of gay history podcasts out there. But Bad Gays might be the only one that focuses entirely on the scandalous, villainous, and just flat out mean gays of recent and old-timey history. But this isn’t just mean-girl gossip. The two hosts have impressive backgrounds (one teaches queer history and literature) and both are published authors.

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8: Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

There’s a reason Getting Curious was nominated for a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Pop Podcast. Host Jonathan Van Ness—best known for his roles on the series Queer Eye and Gay of Thrones—takes listeners on a new journey each week as he interviews guests about a wide range of topics like plant intelligence, astrology, Black lives, and trans rights. If you’re insatiably curious, this podcast has your name written all over it.

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9: Race Chaser

Hosted by RuPaul’s Drag Race superstars Alaska and Willam, this podcast offers an amusing and insightful breakdown of every Drag Race episode. Listeners of this podcast will get behind-the-scenes drama and an insider’s look of what’s really happening on and off the main stage. Whether you’re a fan of Drag Race or not, it’s fun to listen to the piping Hot Goss and learn more about the Drag scene within the queer community.

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10: Dyking Out

This hilarious weekly podcast is hosted by a pair of NYC-based comedians (“the dykes behind the mic”) who cover everything from queer life to breaking news to 90s pop music (expect to hear some Ace of Base references.) And speaking of “seeing the signs,” theirlatest episode delves into all the signs you were gay all along.

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