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Mask Up in Style with Reversible Face Masks by Matador Meggings

We’re more than a year into the pandemic, and face masks have almost become trendy. If you gotta wear one, why not make it a fashion statement?

That’s our attitude at Matador Meggings. Our design team has created a line of reversible face masks that perfectly complement our awesome men’s leggings.

Pick your favorites with a mix of prints and solids or keep it lowkey with solids on both sides. Our reversible face masks are basically two masks in one. Features include:

  • Reversible color/print options
  • Sweat-wicking material, ideal for grueling workouts
  • Face-conforming design to prevent slippage
  • Soft, comfortable material that won’t irritate skin
  • Anti-bacterial, odor-free fabric
  • Machine washable—better value, no waste
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How to Make Face Masks Fashionable

Coordinating a face mask with your outfit can be an exciting way to spice up your look. Use this opportunity to highlight your favorite color or show off an eye-catching pattern. Each reversible Matador mask corresponds to an existing style of meggings, with one side displaying the main print or color and the other side featuring a complementary color. Try mixing and matching different styles to add more variety to your everyday looks.

The Best Masks for Workouts

Masks from Matador Meggings are designed specifically for high intensity workouts. The soft, sweat-wicking material, anti-bacterial fabric, and slip-resistant design make these the best face masks for exercise on the market. These masks can be worn as fashionable daily wear or as the ideal accessory for sweaty activities.

leopard print reversible face mask

Why You Still Need to Mask Up After Getting the Shot.

It seems like the COVID clouds are finally parting. One in four adults in the US is now fully vaccinated. But even if you’ve gotten the shot, don’t go planning your mask-burning party just yet. Face masks are here to stay—at least for a while.

Why? Because we won’t achieve herd immunity until 50%-80% of the population is vaccinated.

If we ever want to get back to true normal, it’s up to all of us to look out for each other. That means masking up, social distancing, and practicing good hand hygiene. You know the drill.

Here are a few reasons to keep wearing a mask:

    muscular male model wearing black camo mask

    1: The Vaccines Don't Provide 100% protection.

    The US and other countries managed to turn out incredibly effective vaccines in a year—an amazing feat.

    But the shots are still only ~90% effective, and there’s no way to know whether you’ll end up in that small percentage of people who don’t respond to the vaccine. Until we know more and until we get a better handle on the virus, we need to keep mask


    man wearing navy blue face mask

    2: It's possible to spread the virus even if you've been vaccinated.

    The vaccine protects you from getting severely sick with COVID and ending up in the hospital.

    But you can still get the virus even after you’ve been fully vaccinated—even though that’s rare.

    And if you do get it but don’t have any symptoms, you could unwittingly become a “silent spreader.” No one wants that title.

    3: We still need to protect others.

    We know that people of advanced age and those with chronic medical conditions like cancer, HIV, and heart disease are at risk for getting severely ill with COVID-19.

    Think of your grandma. Or your immunocompromised friend. The freedom of going without a mask is not worth risking the health of your family and friends.

    The bottom line: We need to keep doing the same stuff after we get vaccinated: washing our hands, wearing a mask in public, and keeping our distance.  

    Matador Meggings lets you mask up in style. Check out our reversible face mask collection—and don’t miss out on our mask + meggings discount.

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