LGBTQ+ Influencers In A Parade

LGBTQ+ Influencers Are Making Their Mark

LGBTQ+ Influencers Are Making Their Mark

a group of people waving a gay pride flag

The LGBTQ+ influencer crowd has blown up in recent years.

The queer community is seizing the moment, using every online platform available to connect and share with others and support their communities.

There are so many great queer influencers these days, but we’ve handpicked these firebrands who are crushing it with entertaining and inspiring content.


Randy Rainbow

Seriously, where would we be today without the musical-comedy genius of Randy Rainbow?

He helped us navigate a tumultuous presidency, a raging pandemic, and Rudy Giuliani’s hair dye malfunction. And he did it with charm, wit, and poise.

Randy’s racked up half a billion views across social media platforms, and he recently received his third Emmy nomination for The Randy Rainbow Show.

Keep the comic relief coming, Mr. Rainbow.

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    Randy Rainbow

    Rob Anderson

    Rob Anderson (@hearthrobert) unpacks LGBTQ+ culture with hilarious parodies and thought-provoking video explainers.

    And he’s blowing up on social media, racking up millions of views per month.

    Rob is obsessed with gay athropology, science, and comedy. There’s something about a smoking-hot nerd cracking up over the science of ‘gaydar’ that makes us want to learn more!

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      Benny Drama

      If you haven’t yet discovered the genius of Benny Drama (Benito Skinner), first, where have you been? Second, you’re welcome.

      From his dead-on impression of Kris Jenner to Kooper the “Gen Z Intern,” Benny is taking the world—and the White House—by storm.

      Seriously, it’s his latest project.

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          Jordan Firstman

          Dubbed the “cocky prince of quarantine comedy” (although he prefers to be called “king”), Jordan Firstman is a prolific TV writer, filmmaker, and actor.

          He’s best known these days for his hilarious impressions of abstract concepts—like how money feels when it’s donated.

          Jordan’s Instagram blew up during the first half of the pandemic, and he’s now blown past 840,000 followers.

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            Matteo Lane

            Brooklyn-based standup comic Matteo Lane is a breath of fresh air for the queer community (and he’s not too hard on the eyes, either).

            Through brilliant observations and snappy one-liners, Lane pores over everything from crazy white ladies to dating apps to gay robots.

            He’s part of a wave of queer comics who are making their mark. It’s about time.

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              The Bulls of Matador

              The Bulls of Matador are making men’s leggings look oh-so-good.

              These enthusiastic fans of Matador Meggings (the world’s best leggings for guys) are taking their love of spandex to Instagram.

              And with their finely sculpted bodies and impressive poses, these Bulls are making some of the sexiest fan photos ever.

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                male model wearing orange and black leggings for men

                Jonathan Van Ness

                Loved by millions for his role on the Emmy-winning series Queer Eye, Jonathan Van Ness is our favorite insatiably curious gay.

                In his weekly podcast, Getting Curious, Van Ness explores everything that make him go, “Hmm,” from plant intelligence to trans rights.

                Oh, and did we mention he’s a hairdresser? Yaaaas, queen.

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                  Terrell & Jarius

                  We’re head over heels for the cutest couple ever, Terrell & Jarius—and of course, their adorable twins, Ashton and Aria.

                  The couple share stories and advice about being first-time parents with the goal of “normalizing LGBTQ+ parenting and redefining what marriage and family looks like.”

                  Keep it coming, please.

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                  Kristen Key

                  She loves cats, she crochets, she drinks hot tea.  And she’s ready to party.

                  We’re talking about queer comedian Kristen Key, whose virtuous vibe and impromptu musical-comedy shtick is exactly what we need in a world full of crazy.

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                  Munroe Bergdorf

                  The first ever transgender model in the UK, Munroe Bergdorf is an unapologetically outspoken trailblazer.

                  L'Oréal dropped her for speaking out about racism and white supremacy in 2017. But she didn’t let that stop her.

                  Bergdorf went on to become “Changemaker of the Year” in 2018, and she’s featured on the cover of the September 2021 issue of best-selling gay magazine Attitude.

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                  The Traveling Gays

                  Doug and Sanjay travel the world—from Crete to Sri Lanka—sharing their adventures online as they go. 

                  Viewers get to live vicariously through this unreasonably gorgeous couple as they scramble up Lion’s Rock Hill in Hong Kong and bask in the bathtub waters of Cancún.

                  Jealous much?

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                  Valentine Aseyo

                  Valentine Aseyo thinks guys should be able to wear tights with confidence. That’s why he created Matador Meggings, the world’s best men’s leggings.

                  His mission is to elevate and empower men by giving them confidence, comfort, and joy through the performance apparel he crafts.

                  Inspired by the bullfighters of Spain, Valentine was determined to create a better men’s legging—one with a superhero-style molded crotch cup and other functional features.

                  Today Matador Meggings has grown into a supportive, inclusive community focused on fitness, authenticity, and brotherhood.

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                  valentine aseyo wearing blue and black leggings for men

                  Rising Phoenix

                  Matador Meggings is a unique athleisure fashion company that’s taking men’s athletic leggings to the next level. Our men’s leggings are designed specifically to fit, flatter, and support the male body.

                  Our tights for men feature moisture-wicking performance fabric, two pockets (one open, one zippered), and a loop to secure your towel or shirt. The star of the show is our removable molded crotch cup, designed to keep you comfortable—and prevent any unwanted peen gawking.

                  Together with our customers and fans, Matador Meggings is creating a supportive community focused on fitness, authenticity, and brotherhood.

                  “Matador isn’t just about men’s leggings. It’s about building a community where men can feel safe in their meggings. Dudes are welcome to show off their booties and flaunt their style too. We're here to boost your self-confidence and unlock a new level of performance.”

                  -Valentine Aseyo

                  male model wearing blue leggings for men with printed designs