male model posing in gray men's leggings

How to Pose in Meggings: Do It for the Gram

Getting the Perfect Shot

  • Want to look effortlessly cool and confident in your Instagram photos? Of course, you do. 
  • Capturing the perfect pose (or action shot) is an art. But as they say, practice makes perfect.
  • We’ve put together some of our favorite poses for guys to help you take your IG feed to the next level.
  • Grab a friend to help, slide into your favorite pair of our men’s leggings, and get ready to strike a pose.


model posing with blue meggings

The Superhero

  • Even if you’re not shredded like Chris Hemsworth in Thor, “The Superhero” pose will help you look swoll in front of the camera.
  • The key is to take the shot from a low angle, which makes you look bigger and more imposing.
  • Have a friend stand a few steps below you on a staircase or a hill. Direct the camera upward and snag the perfect shot.
male model posing like a super hero with men's leggings

The Yogi

  • Oh, so you’re a master yogi?
  • Our men’s leggings are perfect for yoga shots. They move with your body as you stretch, bend, and twist into those impressive postures.
  • Grab your camera and a friend, and do your best backward bend, tree pose, or modified crow—like these boss Bulls of Matador.


    • Leaning poses create a more natural shot, which makes it a great pose for beginners.
    • It’s just easier to relax your body when you have the “security” of a surface to lean against.
    • Try leaning against a wall with your arm or back against a wall. Or use a fence or arm rail for support.
    male model wearing men's leggings leaning up against a wall

    The Duo

    • Everything’s better with a friend.
    • Check out these Bulls showing off their Matador duds—frontside and backside.
    • Notice how our guy’s leggings have wraparound paneling that makes your thighs look even more cut? Yeah, we did that on purpose.

    Arms Crossed

    • Crossed arm poses can send very different messages depending on which camera angle you choose and your facial expression and body language.
    • Looking straight into the camera with a smile sends a friendly vibe. Looking away from the camera with arms crossed might suggest being deep in thought.
    • Play around with it until you get the right look.


    • If you’ve been working your booty off to get ripped like these Matador Bulls, posting progress pics can keep you motivated.
    • Getting killer fitness shots requires good angles, good lighting, good equipment—and, of course, a great pair of men’s leggings.
    • If you don’t have a friend to help, invest in a decent tripod.
    • Pro tip: If you have a thin face, use a longer lens (150 mm); for a wide face, use a shorter lens (50mm).

    The Acrobat

    • Nothing will blow up your IG profile like a good action shot or some hardcore acrobatics.

    • If you’ve got some gravity-defying moves, get a friend to help you snap the perfect shot. Then post that bad boy on social media.

    acrobatic male model posing with matador meggings

    The Selfie

    • What makes a good selfie? For starters, good lighting and good angles. Here are some tips:

    • Find a clean mirror near good natural or artificial lighting.

    • Play around with poses until you find a flattering frame.

    • Relax. Contorting your body to make yourself look bigger just ends up looking weird.

    • Pay attention to what’s in the background, unless you want to end up with something embarrassing—like a funky gym urinal—in your shot.

    Sun Gaze

    • This pose is sexy as hell and showcases your abs, pecs, and biceps.

    • It’s a simple pose to master. Stand tall with your hips shoulder-width apart, turn your head slightly to one side, and bring your hand to your forehead.

    • Gaze out at the horizon and square your jaw. Keep your mouth closed or lips slightly apart.

    sexy male model posing in the sun

    Booty Pop

    • If your milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…

    • Better post that booty pop pic, like these Matador fans.

    • If you don’t have a friend to help you bag the perfect booty shot, use a mirror.

    • Play around with poses until you get the right angle.

    • Look over your shoulder.

    • Make “eye contact” by looking into the camera lens..

    Bent Knee

    • There’s a common rule in photography: “If it bends, bend it.”

    • Straight arms and legs are boring and unflattering.

    • Sitting or standing, bending one knee gives the shot dimension and makes it more interesting.


    • Awesome weightlifting shots require good timing. Here are some tips to snag an IG-worthy weightlifting photo:

    • Wait for the athlete to fully extend their hips to get maximum height and to highlight their technique.

    • Capture movement and intense facial expressions.

    • Get the weights in the frame!

    Downward Gaze

    • People are going bonkers for downward gaze shots. You usually see women posing this way, but it’s a great angle for guys, too.

    • That’s because, like leaning poses, the downward gaze creates a more natural, authentic shot.


    • It’s easy to do. Stand up and relax your body, with your arms in a natural position. Look straight down, or slightly over your shoulder and down.

    male model posing with a downward gaze

    Facing Nature

    • Naturey photos are always a winner—everyone loves a good romp in the woods. Next time you bag a killer peak, don’t forget to brag on social media.

    • Take the shot from a low angle to look more dominant, and face away from the camera to let the viewer take in the whole scene.

    • Don’t forget the rule of thirds—it makes photos more interesting. These Matador Bulls nailed it.

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