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COVID & Socialization: Online Dating and More During a Global Pandemic

With COVID-19 still rampant, many social interactions have been pushed off to the wayside. Here’s how you can safely continue socializing and dating throughout the pandemic.

It’s All About Initiative and Openness

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. That counts for your social life, too. Normally, you’d be flirting at parties or catching a game with friends. Right now, however, social interactions are harder to come by. The key is to take initiative, create conversation, and remain open to new ideas. In other words: get going!

The Benefits of Digital Interaction vs. Meeting in Person

Every cloud has a silver lining. There are some ways in which socializing online may actually be better than meeting in person.

For example:

  • You don’t necessarily have to schedule time to talk or hang out. Things like texts and DMs let you chat at your leisure.
  • You can get to know a romantic interest better before meeting up. An online video chat keeps things comfortable and confirms that they are in fact a real person.
  • It saves time and money. You don’t have to get ready, drive, pay for parking or buy dinner. I mean . . . kind of a win here?
  • You’ve already got the perfect first date icebreaker: the pandemic. You might learn something about how they handle stressful situations.

Don’t Shy Away from Virtual Dates

Online dating is fairly common these days, but most people still meet up in person for a first date. This isn’t an option for many during the pandemic, but video chat apps make it easy to set up a virtual date. Grab a glass of wine, light a candle, and cozy up to your favorite device. If all goes well, you might actually forget you’re not in the same room.

Reconnect with Old Friends and Make New Ones Online

Take advantage of social media to reconnect with those you’ve fallen out of touch with. Looking to expand your circle or find more people who are interested in your hobbies? Now is a perfect time to make new connections on social networks and forums.

Here are some pro tips for making it happen:

  • Have standing weekly meetings with a core group of friends. A recurring series of Zoom meetings or Skype calls with your favorite people can help bridge the gap when you can’t hang out in person.
  • Not sure on which relationships to spend your energy and time? Create a relationship map to determine who you want to keep in touch with most and prioritize your interactions with them.
  • A great way to form new relationships is to join an existing online group. This could be something like a virtual book club, a cooking club, or an instrument learning group. You can find groups like these on social media,, and Discord.
  • Make an effort to reach out to friends and family on a regular basis. Set a goal to check in with certain people a certain number of times a week, then follow through.

Get involved in something you care about. Find an online volunteering opportunity or discussion forum through which you can connect with like-minded individuals. You can also invite existing friends to join you in your cause.

Hit the Virtual Gym with Video Chat and Online Classes

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Schedule some virtual work out time with your usual fitness buddies. You won’t be able to spot one another, but you can still shoot the breeze and provide the usual encouragement. You could also sign up for an online fitness class. Simply knowing you’re doing something at the same time as others can help fulfill your social needs.

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