Best of Bulls Awards - Matador Meggings

Best of Bulls Awards 2020

It’s time to announce the winners! Take a look and let 2020’s Best of Bulls inspire you.

Spiciest Stache: Brennan Wolford

Rock Hudson. Freddie Mercury. Brennan Wolford. When the “greatest mustaches in history” monument is built, this bull will be on it. Also, this is his testimonial: “these meggings got me in to the Berghain!”

Man posing in Meggings

Quarantine Cutie: Kevin Garman

This virus-blocking bull inspires us with his expert balance of fitness, meggings fashion and pandemic safety.

man taking mirror selfie in mask

Best Bull of the Bunch: Adolfo Luna

Adolfo is an Ecuadorian lawyer, traveler and jaw dropper. First he stole our hearts, then he stole this award.

Most Powerful Bull: Nathan Crocker

Nathan is an absolute sweetheart and an Olympic baker. We have no clue how he’s able to stay so fit considering all this culinary skills.

man posing in doorway

Most Sensational Smile: Mike Plumton

Mike’s smile is contagious. This adorable goofball is a coach, travel adviser and total sweetheart.

Man smiling in Meggings

Sexiest Mirror Selfie: David

When David’s not showing off his buff bod for a mirror selfie, he’s flexing his brain power as a NASA JPL engineer. That’s just hot.

man taking mirror selfie

Most likely to be Your MCM: Matt Ford

Matt is a quadruple threat: actor, writer, producer and owner of gorgeous blue doe eyes.

Man posing in Meggings

Most Zesty Zaddy: Tony L

Tony is a city planner, traveler and definite Zaddy. Not since politicians wore wigs and tights has DC seen this level of style.

man posing in meggings

Devilish Duo: Dr. Travis & TankJoey

These bulls are double trouble. Between bodybuilding, coaching and traveling, they stir up all kinds of fun (and look good doing it).

two men posing in Meggings at the gym

MVB (Most Valuable Bull): Zach Job

NYC artist, entertainer and apparent spider-man, Zach Job exemplifies the kind of openness we love to see.

man at climbing gym

Best Beach Body: Jimaye

This bull’s beach bod was die cast from liquid bronze. His V-line is so sharp it could cut diamonds wrapped in carbon fiber.

Cutest Couple: Brandon Styles and His Beau, Kevin Masek

The couple that wear Matador Meggings together stays together. It doesn’t rhyme, but it certainly worked for these two! They’re rocking our skank tanks. We wish them many years of joy, health and hotness.

Most Delicious DILF: Scott Nine

With his fine physique, lumberjack vibes and great taste in male leggings, Scott is everything one could want in a DILF.

Man taking mirror selfie in Meggings

Most courageous VPL: Marq Wayne

Marq says he doesn’t give a sh*t about what people think about his bulge so he removed our signature soft molded crotch cup concealing VPL. All the power to him, we’re definitely not complaining with the view. Don’t threaten us with a good time.

man posing in mirror

Finest Fitness Junkie: TJ Chang

TJ is a trainer, cyclist, dancer, and fitness buff. His talents include looking hot in men’s athletic leggings and defying physics.

Man leaping

Never Skips Leg Day: Jimmy

This bull’s legs are killer. We mean that literally, because those thighs could crush skulls.

man squatting at gym

Best Abs: Valentine Aseyo

Valentine is the owner and creator of both Matador Meggings and these tasty washboard abs. He loves connecting with his customers and fellow bulls so hit him up.

Man posing in Meggings

Top Tattoos: TankJoey

If you’re an art lover, take a good, long look at Tank Joey on the right. Then, move your eyes upward to his award-winning tattoos. Check out his profile to see his entire half body covered in ink.

men posing with tattoos

Best Groomed Beard: Eulises

How can someone have a perfectly groomed beard every single day of the year? Ask Eulises, not us! His account is private but definitely worth a follow. It’s full of hotness.

Man with beard stretching in Meggings

Future Model: Joshua Betz

This aspiring model bull is the definition of cute. He’s also the definition of “bulge.” His Instagram is a guaranteed thirst quencher.

man posing in meggings

Most Impactful Coach: Monta Knudson

A lot of coaches say they uplift their clients, but very few take it so literally. This soul-centered bull is a powerful recovery coach and wellness mentor.

Man doing acro yoga

Yogi of the Year: Eric Bean Jr.

Eric is a dancer and choreographer. He’s also a yogi who takes strength and flexibility to new levels. He also might be a human protractor.

man doing yoga

Best Backdrop: Jonathan Sekerak

Jonathan is a purposeful wanderer who guides others to spiritual connection across Peru. He also guides us to jealousy with his photos.

Man posing in Meggings in Peru