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Product Spotlight: Ocean Meggings

Are you tired of men’s gym gear being the most boring thing on the market- if they remember us at all? Why do female athletes get to have all the fun, right? Whether you’ve got tired of not being able to dress as you want because you have to handle an unruly bulge, or whether you simply need more from your athleisure gear than it’s currently delivering, it’s time to meet Matador Meggings, and take the leggings bull by the horns.

Our Ocean Meggings

It’s time to reinvent how you think about men’s gym apparel. Throw out your baggy, saggy, depressing layers, and embrace the latest in funky fashion and sports technology. It’s time to go beyond the cheapest pair of running shorts you could find, and uncover a world of fit and flair. With your package firmly under control, and your style flag flying for everyone to see, these bright and cheery ocean-inspired meggings will soon be your favorites. 

Product Features

Aren’t leggings for men a dime a dozen? Not like this, they aren’t! Matador Meggings brings a host of hidden features to the table. Think convenient pockets (both with zippers and without) for your wallet and phone. Tweak the fit with a no-roll, no-slip waistband, and hidden drawstring, ensuring your buns stay firmly in the oven at all times. Talking about staying firm, the soft-cup crotch makes sure you stay packed smooth and sleek like a superhero, not a gym creep, and our towel/shirt loop makes sure the gym staff will love you best of all!

Compression Pants Benefits

Why choose men’s compression pants? Compression technology may seem like a buzzword, but it has the science to back it up. Through providing gentle support to the muscles, it helps ward off injury and encourage healthy movement and better blood flow. This makes sure your recovery is shorter, and you warm up faster, too.

How & When to Wear

Honestly, wear this bright and bold pattern whenever and wherever you feel like it! Make a fashion statement at the gym, throw them on to grab milk at 2 am, or add them to your festival list of outfits. With durable fabric and plenty of style to go around, the Ocean Meggings design allows you to be loud and proud no matter what life brings you.

What Our Customers Say About Matador

Why listen to us? Here’s what happy Matador customers are saying about our tights for men.
"I can’t express enough how much I LOVE these ! First off, everything in the description these say they do THEY DO! The material is super durable and absolutely opaque. They feel almost like a second skin, but at the same time not exposing at all. Great quality! I keep rubbing my hands all over them! The crotch pad is very impressive as well. It perfectly conceals the outline of your private area and makes it into a seamless bulge! The not one but TWO pockets are also incredible! I now have a spot for my keys when running! I’m overall very impressed and have already ordered a second pair! Trust me you won’t be sorry !"
~ Carl F.
"I do a lot of yoga and hit classes, boxing too. I love my Matador Meggings - best fit and style. I appreciate the fact that they are designed with a man in mind. Can't wait for new styles! -- Keep up the great work!"
~David D.

Product Fun Facts

Rather like the technology behind our compression pants for men, swimming in ocean water is remarkably good for the body, so we couldn’t miss the chance to bring some bright, bold color into the line with this ocean-inspired set of men’s tights. Mother Nature may not be flaunting her no-VPL technology like we do (in fact, she’s quite notorious for the opposite), but she has her own secrets. Between the buoyancy created by saltwater, and the healing properties of salt, ocean swimming should be on every fitness enthusiast’s list. Don’t forget to take your Ocean Meggings along!

Products You Might Also Like

Now that you’ve found the perfect men’s workout leggings, you’re going to want more. Trust us on this! If you’re looking for just the right inspiration to kick off your men’s leggings collection, why not try these beauties on for size? Don’t forget, we have a full range of meggings for you to enjoy, too.

Product #1 - Rainbow Meggings

Whether you just want to play with color, or want to show off your pride for all to see, these rainbow men’s gym leggings bring it all to the table. With a sleek pattern inspired by scales, but a whimsical burst of color to enjoy, you’re sure to fall in love with the fun, friendly atmosphere they bring to your gym wear.

Product #2 - White Hoodie Tank

Want something perfect to go with your new Ocean meggings? Why not try this stylish hoodie-tank on for size? With a lot of style, but the same durable fabrics and reliable technology that makes men come back to Matador over and over again, you’re sure to have a new favorite for your wardrobe.

Product #3 - Grey Camo Shorts

Need something cooler than your men’s running leggings? The grey camo shorts have all the same features you love from Matador, but the shorter length is ideal for swimming or cooling off in summer. 

Introduction to Matador

The brainchild of Valentine Aseyo, Matador Meggings wants to take men’s athleisure into the fashion world and beyond. Why should male sports lovers have to scrounge what they can find from the floor of their apartment, but women can enjoy a wealth of stylish, fun, and flirty designs that let them feel good as well as support their workout? It’s time to relax and enjoy your health and fashion journey, safe in the knowledge Matador has your back- and everything else- covered so you can concentrate on your gains and your game. Let Matador handle the rest.